When you need to regenerate your nail health?

In addition to the classic manicure in the beauty salons you can do different treatments to strengthen the nails especially if they have flaws or fragility. But if the nails are much damaged it is appropriate to resort to the reconstruction that modifies the structure of the nail bed by making a correction where necessary. The final effect is a radical transformation of natural nails with the aim of improving its aesthetics and harmony. Opt for artificial reconstruction when your natural nails do not have a pleasant shape, you want to create an artificial length or you eat your nails and you need a deterrent to resist the temptation as well as an immediate aesthetic improvement.

Hands are the first business card

Hands talk about you more than any word. Taking care of them also makes you feel more confident. But what to do if they are much damaged? Or if they are so weak that they cannot fortify themselves with any housework including nutrition and supplements? Do not worry. In the salon there are special treatments that reconstruct the nails in a natural way and recovering their beauty. If the nails are healthy but only a little weak there are treatments to strengthen and moisturize them intensely. Or you can use rubber gel base coat nail polish to use as primary remedy. Rubber gel based nail polish keeps the nail straight and gives them strength. There are formulas that require drying with a lamp or those that have a particular texture that allows a long life with the simple use of top coat and air drying.

Are you a fan of semi-permanent nail polish? How many times have you felt to repeat that the application of this type of nail polish ruin your nails? Of course you have to focus on quality products and sometimes you have to breathe the nails but there are brands that combine perfectly color, practicality, long life and even the right delicacy for your nails. The best semi-permanent glazes respect the nail structure and do not require any filings neither before application nor even during removal. There is indeed the new soak off method that dissolves the product less ten minutes with the appropriate solvent or peel off the enamel like a film.

Conclusion: small story

These are the parameters to evaluate the best semi-permanent glazes. The advantage of this semi-permanent polish is its long service life and its greater resistance compared to normal glazes with the ultra-glossy effect of the colored paint. It combines the ease of applying a traditional glaze to the brilliance of the gel. So it is beater to read few articles before making any purchase and trust only the best nail polish manufacturer in the market. Do not buy cheap ones as they will permanently damage your nails.

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