Vibrant Short Red Hair Colours: Burgundy, Copper, Auburn, and Cherry Hues

Short red hair colours are becoming more and more popular every day thanks to many celebrities sporting this bold shade. For people who have tried red or burgundy hair hues will tell you that it is impossible to give up these colours once you start. These hair colours not only show your bold personality but also give you a unique look.

Contrary to what many people think, red is pretty versatile. Some of this colour iterations include burgundy, cherry, Auburn and copper. The choices are almost unlimited, particularly if you decide to include highlights, ombre and balayage options. Read this topic for more insights about red hair colour.

1. Cherry Cola Balayage.

Smooth, retro curls are beautiful, but in this red hair, they are made classic with a small bun on the side. This is an incredible example of how to employ a little bit of red cherry colour for robust impact, by using it as balayage over the black hair.

2. Rising Phoenix Balayage.

The classic burgundy red strands melt into a fiery orange, in a cool balayage that we are sure that it can liven up your entire look during the winter pretty well.

To maintain things looking fabulous and exciting, choose to pull the hair back into duo half braids, one braid on the top of another.

3. Purple Fire Bangs.

Many things are happening in this purple style. Red hair hues can match pretty well with purples or oranges.

Opting to dye the hair straight is the original and gorgeous way of giving your face a warm feel.

4. On Fire Balayage Style.

Let’s move away from the colour for some minutes since we need to talk about the curls seriously. The curls are a modern take on classic curls.

The balayage itself features complementary red hair shades, like magenta, blonde and orange. It is a ridiculously healthy bonfire, with the grey and dark roots represent coal.

5. Fiery Mermaid Waves.

This is the real master of mermaid hair. This beautiful blending of red and orange colours resembles a forest fire, and the waves appear like the real mermaid.

As always, shinny, and healthy hair will appear exciting no matter the hue used. This is the right way to do reds if you don’t want short red hair.

6. Scene Neon Strands.

This is a ridiculously standout way of styling short red hair colours. Rather than going normal and utilising burgundy and traditional red, this hairstyle utilises a blend of yellow, neon and pink. By maintaining the hair straight, the impact is a little old practice but is the best and sweetest way.

7. Red Nightfall.

This is a big subtle ombre that uses some cute burgundy hair hue ideas. One of these is significant waves in the manes that ensures the style is luxurious and the other ideal is incorporating bright ends. This gives this style dimension.

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