Top 5 Must Have Skin Care Products for Every Woman

Everyone wants to stay young forever and that is definitely not possible. However, you can retain your youthful look for a long time with some basic as well as simple arrangements. The most important thing is to drink a lot of water. Keeping body hydrated means keeping skin texture shiny, youthful, smooth and attractive. The second most important thing is undergoing proper dieting rules. Avoiding oil rich junk foods is the best thing to do. Thirdly and most importantly, you have to pamper your skin with good skin care products. Keeping skin rejuvenated is the key to stay young for a long time.

So, in this piece of article, the “must-have” skin care items for women have been discussed. It is to be remembered that when it comes to shop skin care products in Singapore, choosing branded products is recommended for safety of your skin.

  1. Face Wash for Regular Use

In every woman’s skin care kit, a face wash must be there. You have to go outside and your facial skin comes in contact of various pollutants, tiny dust particles and other harmful agents. These tiny things get into the skin pores and eventually clog those pores. As a result, the oil under skin layer cannot come out through those pores. Your facial skin starts losing its natural gloss or sheen. At the same time, since skin pores are clogged you shall become vulnerable to skin problems like acne and pimple. To avoid skin pore clogging, regular use of face wash is recommended. Rinse your face well after applying the face wash. This will keep facial skin texture simply attractive.

  1. Sunscreen Lotion for All Season

Top protect facial skin from harmful UV rays of sun, you need to use good quality sunscreen lotion. Now, many women mistakenly use sunscreen only for summer days. Sunscreen lotion has nothing to with summer, as it intends sun protection only. Hence it could summer or it could be winter, whenever you are going out in sun you should use sunscreen lotion to protect skin burn and texture damage due to UV ray.

  1. Moisturizing Lotion for Face and Body

Keeping skin hydrated is important. For that purpose, you need use moisturizing lotion in addition to drinking plenty of water on daily basis. Moisturizing lotion will keep skin hydrated and soft. It will also prevent formation of wrinkles. Separate miniaturization solutions are available for face and other body parts. You just have to find trusted store to shop skin care products in Singapore.

  1. Facial Scrubber

The reason of using facial scrubber and face wash is almost the same. However, facial scrubber has been used to clean up the clogged pores in more effective way. At the same time, facial scrubber is not recommended for regular use. It must be used occasionally and face wash is recommended to be used regularly. Scrubber intends deep cleaning of facial skin pores. As a result they may increase size of the pores. In that case, skin may be damaged and skin pores may be clogged more frequently.

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