Shutter Shades – Should You?

The fashion trend headed by US rap musician Kanye West conquered the world in summer 2011 after his successful video “Stronger”. There the rapper re-introduced plastic lattice glasses called Shutter Shades that made them popular among the progressive youth of the continent. Today this accessory can be found at any night club and other places and events. For several seasons the glasses remain stylish and trendy. That’s why they worth our attention, but should you buy in to this fad?

The majority of the celebrities possess not only the talent as a key instrument to the success but also they have a flair for trend setting, and Kanye West is not an exception. He discovered shutter shades in the soul of fashion industry, romantic Paris, a prime destination for all the stylish. The designer’s name is Alain Mikli, and he is known for fresh and unusual ideas. At first Kanye showed the glasses at Grammy Awards. The second presentation was made in a video after which the glasses became a sensation. The hunt for the accessory was on. Not only Kanye West’s fans participated in it, but the whole army of fashion followers joined the great search. The shades started to be manufactured by Chinese workers that made them cheaper and easy to buy. It’s impossible to imagine a glamorous night club without any visitor with this trendy accessory.

These funny glasses have no lenses. Instead of them they are comprised of bars that look like venetian blind. Party-goers are the prime audience to buy these shades because they love everything zany that helps show off. That’s why shutter shades are produced in different colours that are so bright. Vivid and neon colours are preferable, especially if they glow in the dark or in the ultra violet rays. Rich r’n’b fans can have shutter shades made of silver or gold to mark the high status of a person belonging to the world of the rich and famous – as all rappers do.

Finally, a few words about the disadvantages. The main function of any glasses is to help the eyes – it can be either visual correction or sun protection. The functional side as well as improvement of vision of shutter shades is questionable at best. Try them on for a night party and have fun, but don’t use them too often – they certainly wont protect your eyes from damaging UV rays like a good pair of Ray Ban sunglasses would, for example.  Besides, it’s important to be different every day and change your image in order to show the difference in your personality. So, let shutter shades be a part of your party wear, but not too often.

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