Short Prom Dresses: The Secret To Look Taller This Prom Season

The prom season fashion tips for short girls can cover a wide range of topics. From the colors to use to the different types of garments that should be avoided according to Cosmopolitan 15 Fashion Problems All short girls Will Understand. Our first fashion advice if you happen to be a short girl is to not to be too self-conscious, because there are multiple options to deliver a striking look and state how much of a fashionista you are. There is a large number of girls, just like to, eager to find out about the trends that best suit them.

In order to create the illusion of being taller, check out the following tips that will help you this prom night to look even more fabulous and beautiful than you already are.

Long Dresses Are No Longer Mandatory

Not all girls feel comfortable wearing long dresses with tale, even less when they are short since it’s not flattering for that specific height. At the end, they always end up sending them to fix, to not step on them when walking, that’s what the compact designs are for. For example, the JVN division made by Jovani in its latest collection of Short Prom Dresses has created many models to choose from and to look just as elegant as if it were a long-tailed design, only much more comfortable and sexier. But before you pick your dress, you should take these things into account.

  • Mini Dress

For the most daring there are the Short Prom Dresses of mini cut, these have miniskirts with gauze or crochet fabrics, they are super fresh and comfortable; can be worn even with low heels or flats. For this range you can choose bright colors like gold and silver without fear of coming off as “over the top”; The short dress allows you to carry only what is necessary. The perfect example we take from the JVN line as is the Pink Sexy Short Prom Dress; an accentuated piece in the waist area with a beautiful tulle skirt.

  • Knee-Length Dress

These dresses are the most common; they can be worn with high platform ankle boots and stilettos; glamorous pieces perfect for prom night and very comfortable as well. For this option, we have the Red Metallic Lace-up Back Homecoming Dress, flat color and subtle details throughout the fabric. You can complement the look with a minimalist handbag of dull color or asymmetrical patterns,

  • Two-Piece Dress

Mini-skirts and two-piece dresses are fantastic if you have legs made for them. A correct combination of shoes, dresses or skirts can help you create the appearance of long, thin legs. However, you have to bet on the skirts and dresses that end just above the knee. That will be the best option for you. A great model is the Teal Fit and Flare Velvet Bodice Homecoming Dress by JVN because it combines two shades of blue in two different fabrics which open the options regarding combinations.

Prints And Accessories

Prints are always on trend when it comes to Short Prom Dresses. However, choosing the right type of prints can play a significant role in creating the illusion of a taller and stylised silhouette. Short girls should avoid large patterns and prints. Instead, uses ombre patterns or patterns that seem to cascade.

  • Vertical Lines: For a long time we have been fed by the belief that horizontal lines will make us appear wider. Thus, according to this theory, vertical stripes must have the opposite effect. You do not have to use multiple strips, a single vertical line can have the same lengthening effect.
  • Belts: Belts can be dangerous territory. The use of a wide belt in a dress can cause your body to shorten and hamper the creation of elongated silhouette. However, as a general rule, use thin belts, as they are more proportionate.

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