Shisha pens not only improve your health but also make you fashionable – Know how

In case you’re someone who belongs to this world of electronic cigarettes, then you must be sure by now that you should buy yourself a kit of e-cigarettes or shisha pens or e-hookahs to make your life easier and less harmful. Welcome to the world of vaping and allow us to assure you that you if you can successfully quit smoking and take on to the habit of vaping, you’re completely in safe hands. As long as you’re away from the harmful nicotine and tobacco, you will stay at the pink of your health.

Though there are several brands and numerous products but the ultimate benefits and cons will remain the same. Hence, if you feel eager to begin this journey with shisha pens, it is vital that you understand the ways in which they can not only give you a better lifestyle but also make you fashionable.


The best thing about buying shisha pens is that they’re extremely portable in terms of their nature. You can carry it inside your pocket, take it out whenever it is necessary, take a puff or two and again keep it aside. The entire shisha pen will be of the size of an ink pen and it is similar in terms of looks with a cigar. The portable nature of the shisha pens makes them a convenient choice.


In case you’re someone who is eager to let go of the habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes, shisha pen is the best smoking cessation device for you. Though you can add nicotine as a flavour but since the nicotine is not burnt but only heated, this doesn’t pose any harm to your health. You can even feel the throat hit at the back of your throat. Due to the fact that nicotine is the addictive element, people are more hooked to cigars but shisha pens won’t let you do that.


If you thought that you had to clean the shisha pens everyday, you’re wrong. In case you’re a cleanliness freak, you can clean it once or twice in a week. But ultimately, you’re here to spend your time vaping and not in cleaning.

With the large number of celebrities who are endorsing shisha pens and e-hookahs in their movies, this is also becoming a fashion trend. If you’re trying to remain fashionable, then too you can use shisha pens or e-hookahs to stay trendy and safe. Now that you know everything, you can get one for yourself from

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