Name Necklace Trends For 2019

If you’re like most women, you have a name necklace. It’s a jewelry box staple that young women can’t get enough of. But what name necklace trends will we see in 2019?

The Carrie Necklace is Back

Did you see the latest Instagram for Hailey Beiber? She was sporting a classic script style necklace that reminded us of the Carrie necklace. This classic script look could be back in style as the 1990’s become the inspiration behind many looks coming out in 2019. And it’s not just the Carrie style, other type sets are making a comeback as well. The most popular design is the unadorned name necklace or the swoosh/heart design.

14K Gold Necklace for Teens and Kids

Every parent wants to bling out their girls, but are more choosing 14k gold for their daughter’s first name necklace? Our trend spotters say YES! Whether it’s designer clothes or 14k bling, parents love Kim & Kanye’s decadent style and luxurious gifts. Whether it’s a $500K sweet 16 or a $200 14k gold name necklace, parents are spending more on their girls than ever.

Vertical Name Necklaces Climb in Popularity

If you’ve ever seen a vertical name necklace and wanted one, you’re not alone! Which is why the vertical styles is on the list of up and coming trends for 2019. The most popular styles are both bold fonts that stand out to create a dramatic look.

Bar Name Necklaces for Everyone

From 12 yearolds, to sorority girls to grandmas, women are all about bar name necklaces. The simple and elegant look is a classy addition to any outfit and doesn’t draw too much attention. The sleek design makes it perfect for wearing with layers because it’s less likely to snag. It’s also the perfect necklace for winter weather because it’s less snaggy on sweaters and scarves.

Guys Name Necklaces

Did you know name necklaces for men are an up and coming trend? More men than ever are looking for custom designs and name necklaces are one of their top choices. Overwhelmingly men choose sports name necklaces, but the Old English type remains popular as well. Football, basketball, and soccer top the list of sports name necklaces for men in 2019, but as they become more popular certainly more sports will join the list.

Happy 2019 t

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