Must have accessories based on your body, complexion, and tastes

Are you fair? Or do you think dark skin women don’t have much choice in fashion? The fashion world is continually changing, and you need to keep up with it. As humans, we can have our personal favourites when it comes to hues, shades, and textures. Indians have way too many logics and myths when it comes to dressing up and wearing a particular colour. Today, we will let you know how you can look sensational based on your skin type. To get hold of some stunning offers and deals, use Benny’s Boardroom coupon code.

Dusky skin –

A majority of the Indian population has dusky skin tone. Choose extreme shades like sunny yellow, hot red, or black. It will instantly brighten your image. Another crucial thing that you should keep in your mind, is the cleansing routine. Do not skip your daily cleansing routine. The foundation for your skin is also essential so that you look good in your make-up. Choose the shade of the foundation, which is closest to your skin because if you choose a foundation, which is lighter than your skin tone, there is a possibility that it will make your skin look patchy and grey. Apart from these, you can also highlight your eyes properly so bring that vibrant look and to do that, go for the cream-based eyeliners instead of the liquid ones. They will blend with your eyes quickly and will look even more natural. Moreover, if you can choose the perfect colour of your blush, it will do wonders for you.

Fair skin –

If you have a pinkish or yellowish tinge to your complexion, then choose bright and vibrant colours. Floral or breezy prints will help you look good as well. Please, green, and pink will suit you better. Also, washing your skin before applying any moisturiser is a must as it will provide your skin with the required nourishment. It is preferable if you use a tinted moisturiser as it will work as a fantastic primer on your skin. And if there are any minor imperfections like dark under eye circles, you can cover those imperfections with the help of cover-up stick. The shade of that stick should either match to your skin tone, or it has a lighter tone than your skin. Similarly, rosacea, spots or any other kind of redness can also be covered with the aid of a cover-up stick, which is hued green in colour. Well, to make your skin look brightened, choose the right foundation very precisely as it is also vital.

Dark Skin –

Try to keep away from extra bright shades because they will clash with your natural skin. Go for bold colours like coral or pastel. Pick colour block patterns. Bold and large patterns will also clash with your glossy appeal. Also, to play safe, you can go for white all the time as it will go best with your dark skin. But you can also go for other colours as well, which will give your skin a vivid contrast. Some of those colours are light shades of purple, peach, pink, orange, green and yellow. They will go great with your skin tone and will make you look beautiful and classy. Try to avoid the brown colour or any similar colours. They are suitable for whiter skin tones as they will deliver an excellent contrasting effect. But, in case of dark skin, the brown colour will not do the needful as it will not give any contrast with the dark skin and will make you look fade.

Olive or tan brown skin –

You are meant for bold metallic tones. It is going to set you apart from the rest. Choose the hue that deep matte metallic offers. It will help you look sensational and brighten your personality. Moreover, if you have an olive or tan brown skin, which gets tanned rather than turning red while getting exposed in the sun, then you have a ‘warm’ complexion. The best part about warm skin is that it suits a vast number of colours compared to those with dark skins or white skins. To make your skin look best, go for the colours, which are a little bit brighter or darker than the middle ground. Also, it is recommended that it will best for you can avoid wearing the shades, which are yellow or green because they come the closest to your skin. These colours will not provide any contrast to your skin and will make your skin look dull and faded.

The next time you dress up, keep all of these suggestions in mind.

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