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Choosing a sewing machine is sometimes an obstacle course, but first and foremost you have to ask the right questions and identify your needs. The use, the nature of the fabrics to be made and your budget are the most critical points to select your machine. If you only want to make hems or touch-ups on light materials, you will move towards a simple machine that will perform basic points. A sewing machine, offering more possibilities, will suit experienced dressmakers who will use both clothing fabric and upholstery fabric.

The type of sewing machine

A mechanical machine or an electronic machine? A beginner dressmaker can learn on an automatic machine, less expensive. However, it is necessary to opt for a sewing machine easy to use for threading, winding and setting up the bobbin. Besides, the mechanical machine is less likely to hang on unscheduled points. An understandable manual or DVD will also be welcome. You have to opt for the best Best Sewing Machines for the same now.

The width and length of the dots are pre-set on an electronic machine. Quieter and smoother to use, it provides information to help you avoid mistakes and make all the settings for you.

At each sewing level, his machine

Before embarking on a purchase, it is essential to evaluate your level. All sewing machines are not accessible to beginners, and some too basic will not satisfy the creativity of the most experienced and confirmed couturiers.

When starting, it is advisable to move towards a reasonably simple model, without much adjustment, which offers the classic points. An excellent mechanical and robust machine will do the trick.

Discover all the tips of Simone to choose your sewing machine according to its level of sewing

The price of a sewing machine

Today, it is possible to find simple, entry-level machines for less than 100 €. For occasional and reduced use, this type of gear is perfect.

The price of a sewing machine oscillates between a hundred euros, up to 500 € and more for multifunction models. But beware, because who says expensive does not necessarily mean quality! To help you find the price guide of the sewing machine, what is the best price, where to find specials, and the truth about cheap sewing machine!

The importance of using the right sewing machine depending on the fabric you are stitching

Another question to ask yourself when buying your machine is: what type of cloth will I be sewing regularly? Do you intend to do your sewing work for garment making or furniture? The thickness of the tissues is an important criterion. In addition to the needle to be changed as needed, you will need to check that the hind legs are suitable. Also, the presence of training claws will be of great help to you to slide the fabric on the arm of your machine.

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