Let’s Talk About Temporary Lip Fillers

I’m just going to put it out there: I get my lips done. It’s not something I like to advertise, and it’s not something I always admit to (sorry if you fall into the category of people who I have blatantly lied to). Sometimes it feels like everyone’s judging you if you choose to make adjustments to the way you look—whether by plastic surgery, makeup or cosmetic procedures.

It’s not always the right choice for everyone, but it was definitely the right choice for me. In case you’ve ever been curious, I’m here to tell you about my temporary lip filler experience.

I’ve been self-conscious about my thin lips for as long as I can remember. Every time I went to put on makeup—my preferred mode of self-expression—I noticed how small they were, wished they were bigger, and longed to do something about it.

I always stayed away from applying red lipstick to my lips because I was too worried it would only call attention to the problem, so I stuck to neutral tones or no lipstick and enhanced my eyes instead. No big deal (literally), but one that was often on my mind.

My Priorities

Like most young college grads, I simply didn’t have the money to invest in a long-term solution like fillers. I tried every single plumping lip treatment on the market. When I finally received my first promotion and was making enough money to afford to take a vacation or purchase a designer handbag, my first thought was ‘LIP INJECTIONS!’

When I decided that I wanted to get lip injections, I didn’t know anyone who had their lips done —I turned to online customer reviews instead. After losing myself in the depths of internet comments, I was convinced.

My Experience

There are different types of fillers with varying degrees of thickness, and the thinnest one will last anywhere from two-to-six months. The only way to know how long is to wait. It’s a good idea to go conservative for the first injection. It’s easier to add more than to take away, which is actually an option.

A numbing cream is applied, and all you feel is a little pin prick. Less than 10 minutes later, the procedure is completed. For more information on temporary lip injections visit http://miraclinic.com.au/lip-injectionslip-enhancement/

It’s been a couple of years since my first go-round, and my only regret is not having them done before my wedding day. I maintain them every five-to-six months, at an average price of $650-850 per syringe. It takes less than a syringe full for both of my lips, and unfortunately, there’s no possible way to use the leftovers. Some people need to go for more or less filler, but this often depends on how quick their bodies absorb the filler.

Do I Regret My Decision?

Absolutely not! The truth is that lip injections are not natural, but if done properly they do give you a natural, plump look —and yes, there are risks involved. But I risk getting hit by a bus crossing 5th Avenue on my way to work every day, so my theory is I might as well feel good about myself in the process.

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