A Look at various menstrual cups

Maintaining personal hygiene during your period is essential. In such scenario, a menstrual cup is a onetime purchase with absolutely no waste! Yet, it’s completely void of chemicals and promotes better vaginal health. Make an informed choice through our exclusive meluna menstrual cup review here.

  1. Lunacopine menstrual cup:

This period cup features a flat and thin stem with elongated ridges to facilitate exceptional comfort. It is built so because such construction allows for easier grip and safe removal.

LunaCopine menstrual cup is specially designed to make your monthly period experience exceptionally comfortable. This menstrual cup ensures the ultimate leakage protection through its FDA approved medical grade silicone material. It provides unmatched continuous 12 hours of protection at any part of the day.

  1. Intimina Compact Menstrual cup:

Intimina collapsible menstrual cup is supplied with a nice compact storage case that you can carry around. The cup is so discreet that it’s barely noticeable!

This compact period cup is pretty comfortable to use. The cup is absolutely hypoallergenic and it doesn’t disturb the natural vaginal flora. It comes in 2 sizes for those who have given birth naturally and for those who haven’t given birth yet as follows:

  • Model A (Small)
  • Model B (Large).

It comes in extremely small size and hence can simply be called as the compact menstrual cup ever!

  1. Diva cup:

This menstrual cup is made exclusively of medical silicone that is thick enough to be unaffected by daily usage. However care must be taken to preserve this cup as the cup can get discoloured over time.

Diva period cup is an innovative feminine hygiene product. It provides reliable protection, supreme comfort and safety. The cup is a great alternative to all other disposable sanitary products available in the market!

  1. Mooncup menstrual cup:

Mooncup menstrual cup is made from soft silicone rubber to ensure safety. The cup easily folds to take the correct position inside your vagina. It’s so comfortable that you will even forget wearing it totally!

The cup is designed to fit snugly against your vaginal walls, preventing any odour or leakage that may occur. There are models for the women under 30 and those who haven’t given birth vaginally in the names of Model A and Model B.

5) Me Luna Classic:

Me Luna Classic menstrual cup has a special handle for easy removal. The only disadvantage of this product is that sometimes dried blood can get stuck inside the suction holes.Anyway, this product would be perfect for newbies!

This innovative feminine hygiene product is completely safe for your vaginal flora, containing no deodorants, decolourants and absorbent gels.It is packed with huge capacity of 34 ml and hence can provide you additional protection during times of heavy flow as well. Hope our meluna menstrual cup review urges you to buy this product soon.

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