Winter Fashion Tips to Make Your Legs Look Sexier

Not all of us were destined to have high and long legs. This is not to say that we don’t love our petite bodies, it is just that it would be really nice to buy a pair of pants without having them altered. Luckily for us, fashion cures all illnesses and we figured out some styling tips that will make our legs look like a Victoria’s Secret model.

Nude Shoes

It is no surprise that the style of shoe you wear will have a big impact on lengthening your legs. A good way to get those legs look great is picking simple nude pumps.

Pull-on pointy-toed boots

Send your square and round-toe shoes to the cabinets. Those shapes don’t do anything for short legs. So, stick to slick. Pointy boots are more flattering winter-style.

Pick a color and stick with it

It is never a secret that head-to-toe black will make you taller and slimmer. But a trick you might not be familiar with is that this idea applies to just about any color, particularly those with darker shades. This simple layering trick will make getting dressed on a cold December morning an absolute no-brainer.

Wear wide-legged pants

We know that sometimes wide-legged pants can be daunting, but we suggest getting over your fears of them. We also suggest taking them to the tailor so they can fit you just right and be sure to pair them with heels.

Match your shoes and pants

Wearing on those black jeans today? Do yourself a favor and get optimum impact for minimal effort by pairing them with boots of the same shade. That strategic use of color will create longer, and leaner line through your body.

Invest in high-waist pants

Nothing screams sexy legs like a high waistline. Tucking a shirt into high-waist pants can create some confusion on where your legs actually start. This is a very good thing and is particularly good for women with a longer body and shorter legs.

Step out in vertical stripes

Most of us already know that vertical stripes are very flattering. Painting your legs in the elongating print is a foolproof fashion advice. If you’re afraid of the attention grabbing style, pick a black and white print and keep the other parts of your outfit on the muted side.

Wear thigh-high boots whenever you can

An over-the-knee boot with a bit of heel will give you wonders by creating a longer visual line. Follow these tips and get noticed by modelling agency and achieve your dream of becoming a fashion model.

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