What Is Remy Hair And Why Is It Important For Tape In Extensions

We like speaking about the caliber of our tape in hair extensions and just how they’re created using 100% Remy real hair. Many cosmetologists ask us what we should mean whenever we say Remy, and just how could it be different that different kind of extensions that merely say that they’re real hair. You want to educate the stylists that people use so they understand the caliber of our extensions and just what causes us to be stick out using their company extensions in the marketplace.

Remy locks are a this is their explanation locks are manufactured so the cuticle remains intact so the tip from the hair could be distinguished in the root. Once the hair is incorporated in the extensions, it ought to feel keep its natural texture ought to be in the natural cuticle direction.

Remy hair refers back to the way your hair is collected throughout the manufacturing process, where one can distinguish the main in the tip from the hair. The cuticle must remain intact to become considered Remy hair.. Otherwise, it’s non-Remy hair and doesn’t last as lengthy as Remy hair and will start to look dull and lifeless quicker than Remy real hair.

Yes, many extensions companies decide to take away the cuticle. By doing this they don’t require the hair lined in the natural cuticle direction to fabricate their head of hair extensions. To get rid of the cuticle, they soak your hair in large acidity baths. They’ll then coat your hair inside a thick silicone coating so the hair looks soft, smooth, and glossy.

Initially, it’s very hard to differentiate between Remy hair and non-Remy hair. However, following a couple of days, it might be more apparent. Because the locks are washed, the silicone coating starts to put on off and also the hair starts to feel rough. Your hair will start to tangle easily and can become matted and hard to create. Many hair extension companies state that they offer Remy hair, but they may be using between 10-40% non-Remy hair within their extensions. Make certain that you simply only get extensions from the company that may declare that their head of hair is made of 100% Remy real hair.

Regrettably, you will be having to pay for the caliber of your hair. 100% Remy real hair will probably be more costly kinds of extensions. However, your Remy hair Extensions are likely to last considerably longer and therefore are much simpler to create with.

To be able to offer our beautiful 100% cuticle intact Remy real hair extensions inside your salon, you have to be certified through our courses. Our courses offer all of the education that you’ll require for maintaining our extensions. Check out our classes to know the main difference that the extensions could make inside your salon.

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