Practical Tips in Ordering Custom T-Shirts Online

Whether you’re upgrading your wardrobe or need to promote your brand, custom printed t-shirts are the way to go. The World Wide Web is one of the best places you could get them right now, but before you click that button, here are some tips that will help you have a more convenient time ordering custom t-shirts online.

Go For Large Designs

If you’re the one designing the shirt, there’s no need for you to go small with the artwork. Most printing companies have a fixed rate regardless of the size of the image you want to print on your shirt.

Buy In Higher Quantities

While some t-shirt printing companies don’t place a minimum on the order amount, it still makes a lot of sense to order in bulk. This is especially true if you’re ordering abroad as there’s a huge chance that shipping rate would be added to the price of your order. Verify the rates first so you won’t be surprised later on by the total amount. By ordering in bulk, you won’t only save on the shipping cost as some companies offer discounts when you purchase large orders from them.

Consider Delivery Period

If you’re buying locally, the latest you would receive your order is usually 7 days, depending on the quantity of goods you’ve purchased. Some providers offer an option of 1 to 3 days to a week. It’s crucial to consider delivery time when ordering online, especially if you have a specific date to use the shirts.

Ascertain T-Shirt Quality

Some online stores present a description of the t-shirt they provide. If the description is not available upfront, you may want to check the site’s FAQ page if they have one. More often than not, all possible questions you may have regarding t-shirt quality is presented there. If not, you can simply send them an email or call them to ask.

Check What Printing Technology Is Used

Different printing companies use different printing technologies. How they print their shirts will determine how long the print would last. A good online printing company should disclose this information on their website, providing details on what computer software design tool they use and whether they have the latest digital printing technology. Again, if this information is not readily available, contact the company for the details.

There are also companies today that allow you to design your own shirt through their website. You can either create your own image and send it to them so they can print it, or you can use their website to do it. They also usually have very detailed instructions provided on their page, so you won’t have to do the guesswork.

Finally, it would help a lot in your decision making if you could browse through the company’s website. Check whether there’s a feedback or testimonials page, as well as a Frequently Asked Questions page or general information page. This would help you gauge the quality of work the company provides and help you decide whether you’d avail yourself of their services or not.


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