JesMaHarry Jewelry’ Top 5 Best Sellers

JesMaHarry Jewelry has been serving its community and neighboring town and city since 1992. They have launched their own website recently and have offered online purchase of their pieces of jewelry with a delivery at your door step. JesMaHarry now adding an online store as their major service has reached more customers than they could ever imagine. Being a fanatic of this store ever since I discovered them while looking for some rare handcrafted jewelry in California, I became interested in what are their top 5 best sellers including their trademark handmade earrings.

#1 Handmade Earrings

Their handmade earrings are composed of gemstones, gold, diamonds and other forms of mixed metals and minerals. You can purchase as low as $80 online with an earring that is normally twice the value if you are to purchase from another online store of the jewelry shop.

#2 Necklaces

JesMaharry offers necklaces such as those made of gemstones like turquoise, silk, leather and other metal type elements with high value. Their regular price varies from different compositions. Normally you can buy a necklace as low as $80 to as high as $240.

#3 Rings

From promise ring, friendship ring, engagement ring, wedding rings, named them all. They have the unique handcrafted rings to provide your preferred choices. These rings vary from your personality of choice. Be it to show your religion, status symbol or whatever your preference is. Prices of these rings are available at only $195 and up.

#4 Bracelets

Just like their necklaces being offered, you have lots of options to look for on bracelets. From those made of shells, leather, silver gold and even pearls and diamonds. These handcrafted are available for as low as to as high are $1,800 or more. But I can assure you that their price is much cheaper as compared to those being found on other websites and malls.

#5 Accessories

Aside from the top four best sellers I have mentioned above, accessories being offered by JesMaharry have also been a good choice by jewelry fanatics. Be it a pendant for a necklace or additional accessory items for bracelets, most buyers would surely love to buy one of this stuff to ensure that they can achieve the maximum value of their item.

That was all my top 5 best sellers list for the JesMaharry Jewelry. It might be hard to beat their handmade earrings being on top but who knows, if they could provide new arrivals on designs on other items I guess they would always be on top on their competition.

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