How to make your little guy seem older

As children grow up their desire to be seen as little adults as opposed to big children intensifies. They want to look more like adults and do more adult things. It’s something they are very aware of and it’s why your ten year old is loathe to play with his seven year old cousins – quite simply he sees himself as bigger than them (which he is), and he doesn’t want to risk being mistaken for a somebody much younger. So without being too focussed on growing them up quicker than necessary, how can we help them to create that adult feeling, without going over the top.

Clothing choices

Start to make the move away from Ben Ten and Spiderman clothes and help them dress in a slightly more adult manner. How about a pair of chino pants instead of jeans or a stylish shirt with a collar instead of the conventional old t-shirt? We are not advocating anything too preppy or formal, that is certainly not the idea at all, just tweak their wardrobe and suddenly you little kid can look like a dashing prince and he will feel and act accordingly.


There is nothing more adult than a smart analogue watch. It doesn’t need to be too expensive or fancy, but nothing says, “I have arrived,” quite like a watch with ticking hands that when you were younger seemed almost impossible to tell the time from. Encourage your child to wear it with pride and he will. He has probably seen you using your watch and if he gets the idea that it is more than a fashion accessory, it is also a means to ensure punctuality, you are teaching him life skills at the same time.


The first step in growing up is the move to lace-up shoes. Velcro laces and slops are fun in the beginning but any youngster who wants to show he is not a baby any more quickly sees the need for real laces and takes great pride in being to tie them himself. But help your kid take the next step – move beyond trainers into the realm of something a little smarter. Yes, children’s feet grow quickly and the temptation to not buy good shoes is great, but look around for a second-hand pair or for fashion stylish footwear that isn’t too expensive and commit to a pair. You will see the difference in your child from the moment his feet are laced up in the show. There is no quicker way to transform your ten year old into a teenager!


There is very little that grabs the attention more than a stylish hat. Yes, it requires a degree of confidence to pull it off, but the right hat has the ability to transform any outfit into something quite unique and it definitely adds a year or two the wearer’s aura. It should be an easy sell as well as all the pop stars and icons who kids follow on social media and television wear hats. They might not have been big things when we were growing up, but they are very much part of youth culture today.

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