How to Glamourise Your Look

Probably the easiest way to glamourise your look is by using extensions. Your hairstyle is indeed an important part of your appearance. Therefore, using this type of enhancement can benefit you greatly.

Make Sure the Extensions Feature Remy Hair

When making a choice of extensions, make sure that the ones you choose are made of remy hair, or human hair that is taken directly from a donor. The hair is also referred to as cuticle hair. Therefore, make sure that remy hair is used as most of the human hair used in the cosmetology field does not possess this level of quality. Instead, the hair is collected and stripped of its cuticle through bleaching or acid baths. Any hair that is processed in this way is known as non-remy hair.

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As a result, remy hair is a special type of hair that has not been modified by any types of bleaches, dyes, or similar processes whilst non-remy hair does not carry this distinction. Categorically, both remy hair and virgin hair are 100%-natural human hair. However, the donor of the remy hair may have used chemical processing on his or her hair. Virgin hair, on the other hand, is free of processing.

Remy clip-in hair extensions in Perth are popular because of their quality and ease of use. The hair for the extensions blends well with the client’s hair and can last as long as a year. The cuticles of the hair are intact and all run in the same direction. When the hair follows this pattern, almost no matting or tangling results. Therefore, when extensions are made of premium remy hair, the hair is healthy and the cuticles have not been stripped.

Wear Extensions Whilst You Sleep

Because remy hair is hard to collect, it is in short supply. The quality of the hair makes it more expensive too. However, it makes it a lovely addition to a client’s hair when it is used in an extension. Extension technicians use professional techniques to ensure that a client’s hair is not compromised during the process. In fact, the extensions can be worn without notice whilst you sleep.

Maintaining Your Extensions

These types of extensions last up to 12 months as long as the client keeps regular maintenance appointments. The number of times that you visit a salon will depend on your hair’s growth rate. For example, some clients visit a salon each month for maintenance whilst other clients may schedule appointments every other month.

Remy strands, when used in extensions, are both thin and reusable. Each strand displays the same thickness on either end, ensuring that your hair will look thick from root to tip. The extensions are applied in a way that completely conceals them. All the hair is blended so that it looks perfectly natural.

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