How to Choose the Right Perfume – A Beginners Guide to Buying Perfume

Perfumes are an ideal gift for all occasions. They are also an important part of how you present yourself. The search for an ideal fragrance is a complicated process whether you want to buy it as a gift or for your own use. This is primarily due to the availability of a variety of fragrances that are offered by different popular perfume sellers like Jizan Perfumes. There are certain things that can help you in the selection of a fragrance that suits your needs.

Go beyond description

The description of perfume highlights the principle components or ingredients used to make that particular perfume. Often, the fragrances of the ingredients differ from the fragrance of the perfume. So, rejecting or selecting a perfume just because of its ingredients will be foolhardy. It’s always better to focus on the fragrance of perfume rather than its description.

Fragrances are not affected by the skin type

The skin pH of every person is same, so the skin type doesn’t affect the fragrance of perfume. It means perfume should smell the same irrespective of the skin type. The fragrance is affected by the products like moisturizers or body lotions that are being used by a person on their skin. So, it’s better to go through your daily beauty ritual before going out to buy perfume. It helps you in identifying the exact fragrance of the perfume when it’s applied to your skin.

How to test perfume?

The perfumes come with an initial rush of captivating fragrances carried in the top molecules that are known as the top notes. To identify the actual fragrance, you need to allow the perfume to “dry down.” This involves letting the perfume dry on the blotting paper for about three to four minutes. After this period, you can get to the heart notes, that’s the actual fragrance of the perfume.

Having said that, the fragrance of the perfume on blotting paper and your skin is entirely different. Also, you need to avoid the nose-fatigue, that’s the inability to identify different fragrances due to sensory overload. This can be avoided by smelling your clothes or the coffee bags that are specifically available at perfume stores for this purpose. Also, make sure to identify the type of fragrance you wish to buy before going to buy perfumes.

Where to apply the perfume?

Most of the people apply the perfume on their wrists to check its fragrance or in their daily routine. A person wears a variety of accessories, especially metal accessories on their wrists. The metal accessories alter the fragrance of the perfume making wrists a not so ideal place to use a perfume.

It’s better to apply the perfume on top of the arms, then covering them under the sleeves. Also, while using a blotting paper first let the perfume dry and then inhale the fragrance. This allows you to feel the actual fragrance of the perfume. The blotting paper can then be kept in the purse to enjoy the fragrance whenever you open the purse.


All these things can help you in identifying your favored fragrance out of the multitude of fragrances offered by well-known perfume sellers like Jizan Perfumes. This will allow you to select perfume like a professional.

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