How Mikimoto Kokichi Invented the Process for Pearl Farming

Some retailers have become famous for collections make from the finest quality and natural color of the Akoya cultured pearls that are Japanese. There are many of these jewelers all other the world and information can be found on the internet.

Akoya pearls

 These jewelers sell only the Akoya pearls because they are:

  • High luster
  • Rounder
  • Cleanest natural color

In fact in the pearl business there are guidelines in grading pearls set in place by the ‘Gemological Institute of American’ or the GIA.


 Mikimoto Kokichi was the first entrepreneur from Japan who is given the credit of creating the very first cultured pearl and starting the pearl industry. He established the luxury pearl company known as Mikimoto.


Mikimoto’s cultured pearl is the result of decades of extreme research and experimentation to form the akoya pearls. Before this time the defense against natural irritants (shell fragment or parasite), was the only way to release layer after layer of silky “nacre” wrapping the object and then hardening to a ‘crystalline shimmer’. It was long and expensive process.


Mikimoto took this process and added one step to introduce a foreign entity in the pearl oyster to start the process. Now Mother Nature is not the only way to create the pearl perfectgem. Men can start the process and Mikimoto became the first to create the oyster pearl farm.


Pearl jewelry industry

From this and the seed of the Akoya cultured pearl gave birth to the entire industry. Akoya pearls have become known as an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe. From single strand elegance to the dressy double pearl and the aristocratic triple pearl strand; necklaces made with Akoya pearls is the gold standard for pearl necklaces.

Finest pearls

When purchasing from another retailer you are getting a cultured pearl that is Japanese Akoya andyou are buying the same quality pearls you would find in the finer stores like Tiffany & Co or Mikimoto where the pearls are definiteJapanese Akoya in origin and you should ask for certification.

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