Great Tips from fashion week Australia 2017

Everyone has been anticipating and talking about the Mercedes-Benz fashion week. Those who got the privilege to get behind the stage and discover a lot from the experts can know a lot about fashion. But, those who don’t have the scope to attend the event can learn about fashion through some exclusive fashion tips.

At the Mercedes-Benz fashion week Australia 2017 there has been so much to be discovered. Attendees got the opportunity to meet the best of the best and gather some great tips too.

Karla Spetic

Who does not love clean and flawless skin? Mikele Simone who managed to do some unblemished and ravishing make up states that he does stick by natural products. He also states that you must not forget using oil regularly. In fact, make sure that you include it in your routine. He does recommend and trusts branded products as these will not fail to add the perfect glow to every kind of skin. It’s time to opt for a radiant look rather than always trusting the shimmery appeal.

Steven Khalil

If you noticed the gorgeous model Steven Khalil, you will notice that she always displays this brilliant, glossy sheen. It is then we manage to get this great tip from Heidi Scarlett-King, who is the Makeup Director for Revlon. He states that you can simply trust the Revlon Insta Blush. Do not forget to add a thin dap of Vaseline and notice the vivacity you brighten up with.

Additionally, Heidi Scarlett-King also adds that even though many people would consider it old school, but it is crucial to get right amount of sleep. This will make sure that you get the perfect glow and flawless skin. You could go ahead and dab tons of concealer. However, if you have that puffed up eyes which usually happen due to lack of sleep, you won’t be able to achieve a smooth look. So what about looking glam all the time, and fake a gorgeous look, for straight eight hours? Usually, the eye section is what tears your look down. This is why it would be good to apply and use something which is collagen based. Hence, the tip we get here is to use caffeine and cucumber. These will be quite effective in tightening the eye area. You will also achieve a quick refreshed look, in just about a few minutes.

Next we have Revlon Professional’s Hair Director, Anthony Nader. It is he who managed to create some amazing looking textured tresses for the stunning Steven Khalil. He adds that you can always trust the brand Glamourama Shine Spray. This will be very effective in adding that additional shine and sheen to your hair which is already dull. But when you put this spray, you can be assured that your hair will look natural without making it look artificial in any way.

 Sass & Bide

Lara Srokowski for Lancôme stated that if you have a beautiful skin, your make up will automatically look more attractive and appealing. Hence, at all times ensure that you spend at least five minutes applying the right skincare. This is because when you massage the right products, it pumps up your face. This helps to give it a pinkish glow.

Following the smart yet effective points above will make quite a difference to your skin and overall makeup. We hope these behind the stage, tips from experts does work for you too. Try them out and get a beautiful radiant looking skin.

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