Getting Your Curls Ready for the Warmer Spring Weather

As temperatures start to warm during the Spring, people with curly hair may feel the pressure to keep their hair frizz-free. Since the past Winter months have a drying effect on hair, more moisture and conditioner was needed to maintain beautiful curls.

The curly hair kit by Andre Walker will give your curls the perfect amount of softness and bounce, without weighing it down with heavy moisturizers and conditioners. This is great for the warmer Spring months, and is healthy for your hair’s texture. You may also want to rethink how much heat styling you do for the summer. From blow drying to curling irons, these can make your hair extra brittle and dry in the Spring and Summer. A lower heat setting or even air drying may be a better option for you during these months to maintain a frizz-free hair style.

A gentle cleanser is important to use since harsh shampoos will leave the hair stripped of its moisture and damaged. A product for natural curly hair that is gentle is the shampoo from Andre Walker, since it is sulfate-free. This will hydrate the hair to keep its protective barrier healthy, and will prevent breakage.

The best styling products for curly hair during the Spring are the products offered in Andre Walker’s Gold System. This 4-step system is all you need to look like Andre styled your hair this morning, to keep your curls soft and healthy. Easily manage your hair during the warmer weather, and keep it looking professionally styled in the comfort of your own home!

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