Gemstone Buying Guide For Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017

Admit it. You can barely wait for it. As a resident of the United States, nothing beats the extraordinary experience of the shopping extravaganza coming up this November. Except for earth-shatteringoccurrences like a hurricane or tsunami, no American alive will witness Black Friday and Cyber Monday without buying to their heart’s content. At Crescent Gems, we have prepared mouth-watering deals on all your favorite gemstones.

Royal Blue Sapphire

Crescent Gems is a leader in the wholesales of gemstones online for the past 20 years. We are from Sri Lanka, the world’s gemstones capital. Over the years, Sri Lanka’s faceting industry has grown into a world-class phenomenon with cutting-edge tools for cutting, polishing, and measuring gemstones to the precise specifications of our clients all over the world. At here, we supply the movie industry with natural faceted gems such as the royal blue sapphire and yellow sapphire.

Purple Sapphire

Are you a jeweler looking to buy original gemstones from the right source? Take advantage of our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on all our stocks to purchase natural faceted gemstones from Sri Lanka. We have in stock yellow sapphire, royal blue sapphire, purple sapphire, violet sapphire, fine green zircon, colorless sapphire and many other beautiful gemstones.

Yellow Sapphire

When you buy from us during this Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales period, here is what you stand to gain:

  • Natural faceted gemstones at unbeatable prices.
  • Wholesale price so you can make more gain when you cut them to make jewelry.
  • An extensive collection of gemstones to choose from so that your customers can get any gemstone jewelry piece they want.
  • We have a supportive Englishspeaking staff that will offer advice on the best gemstones for different functions.

Pink Sapphire

Whether you are an individual who loves to wear gemstones or you are a jeweler who intends to use it for making jewelry pieces for your customers, our stock is more than enough to satisfy all your needs. We have some of the best gem cutting equipment in the industry, and we will be offering our gemstones at giveaway prices this Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales season so that our customers can create affordable custom-made jewelry which people can buy with ease.


We value your patronage throughout the years. It has kept us going all this while, and we appreciate your continued faith in us to bring you the best cut gemstones in the world.

So if what you need is well crafted and beautiful natural faceted gemstones such as royal blue sapphire and yellow sapphire, this is the perfect place to be this November. You don’t want to miss this opportunity for anything in the world.

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