Enliven your first night with something edgy

For any newly wed couple, their first together is a momentous occasion. After several gruelling days and weeks of planning and successfully executing their wedding, both husband and wife finally get to be together. The first night is the time when, left to their own devices, they express their long-held desires and explore the dimensions of a new spectrum. It is a time of heightened passions and the desire to make the most of them.

With so much organic spark, there is little more one could ask for. But if you wish to add a bit of sensuality and edge and pleasantly surprise your partner on your first night together, an excellent option can be some edgy lingerie.

Why lingerie?

Lingerie is not your everyday, run-of-the mill underwear. It is crafted in delicate and sensual fabrics like lace and satin that are appealing to the touch. Embellished with small adornments like, it always contains a little element of surprise. Strategically placed strings, knots and fasteners let your partner get naughty for your pleasure.  Lingerie is also designed such that it covers just enough to maintain mystery and reveal enough to tantalise, which keeps your partner coming back, asking for more.

Donning lingerie in the form of an edgy g-string or a sexy corset, gives you confidence in your body and your sexual energy so that you can unleash it to make your first night memorable for your partner as well as yourself.This tease of a garment is just the spark and spice you need and a rather wise investment to liven up your first night.

Your options

Depending on your personal style and level of comfort, you can choose from a wide array of honeymoon special indian bridal nightwear

. This range has been crafted, keeping in mind the special demands of a very special occasion.

  • A satin corset with a lace finish, paired with a skimpy set of panties can be an excellent choice for it gives you just enough coverage to keep your partner guessing and fastening strings to prolong the playtime.
  • Bridal babydolls are the perfect blend of playfulness with the flow of their delicate fabric and allure with their figure hugging design that accentuates your assets. If your wish to turn up the heat a few degrees, you can opt for baby doll dresses for adults in sheer fabric that shall make any wait unbearable for your partner. Another excellent choice in this category can be open cup babydolls that instantly turn up the oomph in the boudoir.
  • Bodysuits as lingerie can be another great choice for bridal lingerie. Sexy and stylish, they give you the confidence to step up the game in your bedroom. Pick one in lacy fabric, that falls off the shoulders and you are ready to titillate your partner’s desire.

So, choose any of these pieces in classic bridal colours like white or red or go completely off the spectrum with hot pink or gentle lavender and enliven your first night after marriage with something edgy.

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