Christmas Memorial Ornaments: 12 Gift Ideas This Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching and the sooner you start looking for gifts, the better. When a close friend or a family member has experienced a loss of a loved one, Christmas can become too painful to celebrate. As someone who loves and cares for them, it is your duty to comfort them in little ways.

Instead of giving a gift basket this Christmas, honor the memory of the dearly departed by giving the grieving family thoughtful memorial ornaments like these:

1 – “Merry Christmas In Heaven”

The teardrop-shaped ornament contains a lovely and heartfelt message that those who have passed are sending their Christmas greetings from above. It is a beautiful and thoughtful gift to give a grieving loved one this holiday season.

2 – Grandparent Guardian Angel

Give a grandchild an ornament dedicated to a grandparent they have lost who have now become their guardian angels in heaven.

3 – Loved Mother

This wonderful and ornament dedicated to a loving mother who has passed away is the perfect way to ensure her presence is still felt during Christmas.

4 – In Memory Of

Personalized memorial ornaments are extra thoughtful and very personal gift that a grieving family will appreciate and cherish for years to come.

5 – “My Daughter in Heaven”

A parent who has lost their daughter will always feel that there is something missing in their life. Although small, a special ornament can bring a lot of comfort for parents trying to cope with the loss of a daughter.

6 – Memories Of Mom

A very classy way to honor the memories of mom, during one of the biggest family holidays of the year.

7 – “My Son in Heaven”

The heart-shaped ornament makes a wonderful addition to any Christmas tree where the son will always be remembered as he watches over the family during the holidays.

8 – Angel Heart

The one who has passed is now in heaven with the angels and their memories will live on through the Angel Heart Ornament.

9 – Angel Wings

It is a wonderful thought to know that the loved ones we have lost are now finally at peace and soaring above us, watching and guiding us as our own loving and protective angels.

10 – “Mother’s Love is Forever”

Mother might no longer be with us this Christmas, but her love for the family will always be celebrated and rightfully remembered through this personalized ornament for Christmas.

11 – “My Sister, My Friend”

The bond of sisters will forever be remembered thanks to this heart-warming ornament that is especially dedicated to the love between two sisters.

12 – Beloved Dog

The Christmas tree also has a spot for a furry little family member who is now in doggy heaven. It is a cute ornament that allows pet lovers to cherish their best friends who have entered the great farm in the sky.

All ornaments can be personalized by Remember Me Gifts Online to honor the life and memories of the dearly departed. This way, they can always be a part of the Christmas celebrations although they have already passed away.

Help the people you love to pay tribute to their dearly departed through personalized memorial ornaments. Get them for Christmas at Remember Me Gifts Online.

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