Choose the Right Shoes for Your Wedding Day

You thought the search for the perfect wedding gown was tough? Resting on your laurels after finding bridesmaid dresses that all of your attendants love? You haven’t reached the finish line yet – you still have to choose the right shoes for your wedding day!

Church or Ballroom Ceremony

If towering, sexy high heels are your dream, you’ll want to make sure to wear them in a church or ballroom setting; one with sturdy footing and forgiving floor surfaces. Highly versatile, they look amazing with practically any length and formality of dress, and they are flattering to legs of various sizes and shapes. They can also be painful, though – especially for the uninitiated – and really, only the hardiest of souls can pull off a full wedding day (sometimes 12 hours or more) in hyper-high heels.

If you’re not a daily heel-wearer, choose lower heels or flats, if not for the full day, then at least to change into after photos. Ballet flats are also comfortable and elegant, and come in a wide variety of colors if heels just aren’t your passion.

Garden or Lawn Weddings

One of the biggest footwear challenges associated with outdoor weddings is the tendency for heels to sink into grass. This can be inconvenient, embarrassing, and also dangerous. Shoes with a wider sole – wedges, for example, may help. Some couples believe an aisle runner will prevent sinking, but heels are notorious for poking straight through fabric. If you’re really set on skinny-heeled shoes outdoors, you can run planks of wood underneath your aisle runner and avoid contact with the grass altogether. If you decide to go with the natural grass aisle, do have all of your female attendants practice in their wedding day shoes at your rehearsal.

Sand or Beach Surfaces

The threat of sinking is compounded at beach ceremonies, of course. However, no matter how formal a wedding on the sand might be, sandals and bare feet are nearly always appropriate. If you are a footwear fiend but love the idea of a barefoot wedding, several designers offer foot jewelry as a compromise. It’s strappy and sexy like many heels, but there are no soles to get between you and the sand. It’s perfect not only for you, but to match all of your bridesmaid dresses and gowns as well.

Specialty Footwear

Themed weddings allow for all kinds of fun with shoes. Western weddings are perfect for your favorite pair of cowboy boots. Disguise them beneath the most feminine and formal of bridal gowns or pair them with cocktail-length bridesmaid dresses. Choose how bold you want to be.

Custom converse is a popular choice for the crowd with a funkier edge. They look great in photos and just seem to go with absolutely any outfit, no matter how unlikely a choice they are! Even better, Converse are available in a rainbow of colors, so there is a pair out there for every bride, groom and attendant.

Thinking of Your Guests

Don’t forget your guests when planning your wedding footwear. Baskets of comfy flip-flops near the dance floor invite every guest to dance no matter how formally dressed. You can even purchase wedding-branded and custom flip-flops and send them home with guests as a favor.

Don’t feel limited when choosing shoes for every one of your wedding events. You have a huge range of options and multiple opportunities, so follow your heart and find your own perfect pairs!

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