A Man’s Guide To Practical Fashion

When it comes to men’s fashion, functionality can be just as important as aesthetics. It’s no good setting yourself up with an expensive, trendy wardrobe, only to find that nothing fits right, you don’t feel comfortable, and you can’t do any of the things you want to do in the clothes that looked so great in the changing room. Practical fashion is key if you want to be a well-dressed man. Use these steps to help you upgrade your style game without sacrificing functionality.

Invest In Footwear

Shoes are far too frequently neglected when it comes to fashion, particularly in the world of men’s style. While a stylish set of trainers may look cool and cutting-edge, there are plenty of scenarios you’ll find yourself in when trainers just aren’t appropriate. When you’re heading off to work or going to a posh club, you need smart shoes that look great without hurting your feet. Invest in a high quality set of rm williams mens boots so you can keep your outfit cool without looking underdressed or out of place. Luxury leather boots are incredibly versatile – you can wear them to work or the bar and style them with every outfit you own.

Own At Least One Great Suit

If you’re new to all things fashion-forward, your most essential purchase will be a stylish, perfectly fitted suit. This suit will take you through job interviews, fancy dinners, weddings, and funerals, so it’s sensible to choose a versatile cut that you can accessorise to suit the occasion. Visit a tailor if you’re struggling to find a suit that fits just right, and opt for a dark, neutral colour that will work for a wide range of functions. If you’re shopping on a tight budget then prioritise fit over the brand on the label. Look beyond the price tag – as long as it fits your body in the right way, it’s bound to look great. Don’t forget to pair your suit with a silk tie that suits your personality.

Nail Your Business Casual Look

If you work in an office, you’re probably all too familiar with the pitfalls of the dreaded ‘business casual’ dress code. This vague term can leave some men struggling to know what to wear, and often feeling over or under-dressed depending on the atmosphere. Get your wardrobe stocked up with a few business casual essentials that you can mix and match so you’re properly dressed every day. A tailored blazer can be worn with jeans to smarten up an otherwise casual outfit, while a few good quality dress shirts can easily be rotated so you always look fresh at work.

Pay Attention To The Details

Unless you go truly avant-garde, men’s fashion has a way of looking a little generic. This is where accessories can come in and elevate your practical outfit into something a little more special. Look for interesting accessories like patterned scarves or sleek dress watches to add a more unique touch to your look, or play around with your hairstyle and facial hair if you feel like you need a change. Adjusting these seemingly small details can go a long way to upgrading your overall sense of style, so it’s definitely worth getting creative and seeing how you feel.

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