5 Reasons to Choose a Gotham Glow Tan

When it comes to getting an airbrushed tan, there are a lot of options out there. As anyone who’s been to more than one salon knows, no two tanning salons are the same. If you take a chance on a new place, you can never quite be sure what you’re going to get. That is, unless you go to Gotham Glow New York. There are a lot of reasons why choosing a Gotham Glow tan is the best decision you’ve ever made; let’s discuss the top 5.

1. Healthy alternative to sun exposure

As anyone who has been paying attention already knows, too much sun exposure is bad for your skin. Sunburns, wrinkles, and skin cancer are just some of the real consequences of laying out for the long hours needed to achieve a golden glow. Why not get the same look in about 20 minutes, and without all the skin damage?

2. Organic proprietary tanning solution

Gotham Glow uses a proprietary tanning solution that is actually good for your skin. Organic, noncomedogenic, and filled with skin-loving vitamins and minerals, at Gotham Glow it’s entirely possible to get a gorgeous tan that can actually make your skin feel great.

3. No spray tanning mishaps allowed

We’ve all heard the horror stories of spray tan mishaps. While they may be funny when it happens to other people, the last thing you need the day before your wedding or big event is to look like a Cheeto. Orange skin, zebra stripes, and other disasters are not allowed at Gotham Glow! Your tan will be customized to you and expertly applied, which means that your look will be so natural that no one will be able to tell where you got that sun-kissed glow.

4. Expert technicians

When it comes to your appearance, you need to make sure you’ve got highly trained experts on the job. That is what you’ll find at Gotham Glow. Each technician has the expertise to create a great tanning session just for you, every time you visit. Whether it’s your first visit or you want to create a specific look, Gotham Glow technicians will work hard to make your experience a great one, every time.

5. Mobile tanning

Busy professionals, brides-to-be, and the rest of us who too busy to take time out for a trip to the salon will be glad to hear that Gotham Glow offers mobile tanning services. Whether you need tanning services for an entire wedding party or a private session just for you, Gotham Glow can bring that natural, healthy glow to your skin wherever you happen to be.

With so many great reasons to choose Gotham Glow New York, don’t wait! Learn more or schedule an appointment at www.GothamGlow.com.

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