5 Cold Season Prints You Need To Try On Your Cocktail Dress

The trend experts compile reports each season, enriching designer collections with key fashion trends, reassuring that we fall in love with every single of them, not leaving us space to decide whether we like it or not. The trends are getting more beautiful each new season that catch our eye instantly by taking only one glance, mostly when we see them appear on a cocktail dress.

As the fashion industry prepares for the start of the women’s cold season runway shows, it is time for you to discover the inspiring selection of the main print and pattern trends, predicted to influence all of the collections of fashion houses this season. Designers are introducing us a new way of patterning trends which guides us through their beautiful dimensions of fabric and print effects.

1.     Geometry

When it comes to fall/winter prints and patterns, the ruling designers in fashion seem to have gotten a green light to do anything their creative minds are able to do. A vibrant geometry rain poured down on Armani’s runway show, in eccentric figures – from triangular, diamond figures, quadrates, rounds and pentagonal shapes, all jazzing up the elegant garments.We stopped at Valentino, feasting our eyes on tiny triangular and round shapes, while at Salvatore Ferragamothe vibrant zigzag patterns gave light to the fashion show.

2.     Flirtatious Polka Dots

If you are familiar with the fact that polka dots make any look flattering, each minute in New York whether they come tiny or spread all over densely. The leading designers transferred and infected us with their addiction for polka dots, once again.Elie Saab inspired us with his iridescent tiny polka dots, spread all over the navy blue evening dresses, while Marc Jacobs bewitched us with his black and white, classic polka dots, taking a small chapter of intimidating gothic style, appearing on elongated silhouette gowns.

3.     Gothic Floral Print

The key print for the chilly time of the year is the floral, and is emerging strongly in women’s fashion. This season comes in dark, gothic, Morticia Adams style and yet keeping its elegant, lady-like sparkle.Florals are a must for each season, but they come in different textures and dimensions. This winter we see them in over-sized style blooms over dark-colored materials, creating an interior-inspired elegance, bringing its shapes to life with the vibrant color pop.

4.     Antique Pattern

The other pattern that we especially fell in love with is the vintage style. This time it comes in jewel tones – gold and metallic, also interior inspired which surfaced up at the women’s fashion week. We see plenty of wallpaper prints, not only on dress collections but on coats, blazers, skirts and pants as well. We see them appearing in vintage, muted color tones that immediately add richness to the outfit.

5.     Romantic Sheer Lace

Knowing that Paris is a romantic city, there are brands like Christian Dior and Alexander McQueen, that made sure to make the fashion week more romantic than ever. We saw a plethora of airy, sheer lace walking the runway, leaving a complete feminine beauty. Models floated beautifully in their soft,transparent attires, leaving us with nothing but a desire to pull off their lovely, impeccable look on the street. Why wait until spring? – The soft sheer fabrics can be worn anytime, anywhere.

And just like we easily fell in love with the prints, we are really hoping that you will too. Nailing these prints is a trend that can be pulled off like a fashion pro. The key is to keep the accessories simple and you inner fashionista will be ready to appear on the streets.

That’s all from this post. The prints that I talked about today can be applied to a large variety of dresses. However it is very important to choose the right designer or tailor, because he or she can really help you figure out which patterns or prints go best on which dress.

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