4 Settings Available In Engagement Rings inToronto

When you are buying the ring for your loved one, you will certainly want it to be the best. Obviously, you will research about the cuts in the diamond and the designs that are popular these days. However, not many people are aware of the settings that are available in the rings. This is why many people choose something that is out of style and repents paying too much for it. Several jewelers are going online and offer the visit our store to check their products on display.

Settings in the engagement rings that you need to know:

  1. Bar:

Expert jewelers consider it to be a contemporary setting. In this kind of setting, one will find that the diamond sits well in the metal. Be it a white gold or gold, platinum or silver, you can for this setting to allow the diamond to shine. So, if you want the diamond ring to shine well on your lover, then you should go for this setting in the ring. You will find that majority of the engagement ring stores will cater to this requirement.

  1. Prong:

If you are planning to gift a huge diamond then you will need this setting. The bar setting is the most common that any jeweler would go for especially for the solitaire diamonds. There will be ideally 3, 4 or even 6 prongs as per your requirement. This allows the light to go through the diamond well so that it shines beautifully. Additionally, if the person intends to wear the ring all the time, it might get dirty over the period of time. But, this setting makes cleaning easier. However, you need to be careful with such engagement rings in Toronto as it might snag your clothes. Also, you need to be careful about the ring in case it bends over the period that might lead the diamond to fall out.

  1. Flush:

This setting might sound funny but it makes an interesting pattern on the engagement rings. A hole is made in the band so that the diamond can be pushed in it and is surrounded by the metal. You can choose any colored stone, diamond, and any metal for such rings. It is the flush setting that is considered to be one of the best settings as the stone is secured in it properly.

  1. Bezel:

In this form of setting, the metal is pressed on the top round edges of the stone. Usually, the circular shaped stones are preferred for the bezel setting. Hence, if you wish to gift a small and round stone or diamond to your love, you can opt for this setting. The best part is with this technique, even the small diamond can look larger.

When you buy engagement ring, you will have to find the best store that will employ any of these techniques with expertise. A poor technique can cost you the stone and lose the trust. Take your time to analyze the options and then go for the best.

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