wearing: top c/o Market HQ, shorts c/o Choies, bangle from Choies.  Photos by Natalie

Got screamed at by the psycho owner of the kiosk whilst i was sitting on his chair (after cleaning it for him...geesh) and apparently committing a heinous crime resulting in him watching us hawk-style for the next 20 minutes. But being shot by Natalie whilst being surrounded by potato chips and sipping on tea is as good as it gets so the former complaint is almost eradicated (save for the creepy staring competitions with overly curious chinese beach-tourists). On the other hand i'm kind of getting immune to the staring passerbys thing, which feels awesome, like i'm developing a teen mutant ability or something ...i call it bloggerkinesis (a girl can dream).  

p.s. trying out this right-side alignment thing...thoughts?



wearing: dress c/o NowIstyle, converse shoes. Photos by Natalie

Up until the age of 12 (followed by the mind-boggling -and to me, revolutionary- depiction of princess life in re The Princess Diaries), my almost-teenage girl conception of international order pictured being a princess as sitting around in floaty dresses with insect-like hats and hanging out with a barrage of snobby extended family. Even though TPD pretty much tore apart my deluded fantasy that, well, Mia really didn't need to do much, I snagged one third of the princess-life package with this dress that equals half pajama ballerina and half ice-cream princess. That being a meticulously long post title i decided that Elton John fared better. 

By now i guess you guys are used to the fact that i like eating during shoots (as well as outside shoots but no one cares about that), and with ice cream making it's second appearance it's a sign this has become a well-established fact. It's not everyday that you twirl and twirl around for 10 minutes straight (spinning shots aren't the most attractive) but ice cream makes a good energy-supplement when you feel dizzy and fainting is automatically re-computed into a ballet move i learnt when i was four (so bun-heads, feel free to correct my horrible form etcetera, it's safe to say quitting at 5 was a good decision). 

And no, i refuse to accept that Genovia is not a real country, let alone the fact that Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway are not its rulers. 




Wearing: pineapple dress c/o Market HQ, hat from NastyGal, denim jacket c/o Romwe, boots c/o Choies. Photos by Natalie

Reverting to a classic, no-fail gloomy spring outfit with some fruit thrown in for good measure. I've also been into attempting western accessories in small (wide-brimmed and booted) black doses as a result of Coachella instagram depression.



wearing: earcuff from sheinside, shirt and pants c/o The Editor's Market, boots from AsosPhotos by Natalie

Lesson learnt: fumbling and putting one's ear cuff on and off results in a very red ear, not very elven at all. Posing horizontally on the sand -or anything, pretty much- is not really my forté (see exhibit A) but what is really? I never really found myself at home on the beach anyway, i was always getting sand in my butt, overdosing on kid's coconut sunscreen and swallowing too much salt water. But childhood trauma aside, let's just take a second to mull over the sheer awesomeness of this top. It weighs a ton, but is so worth it (next to having honey stars on your top...how cool would that be?)



wearing: overalls c/o Market HQ,  top c/o ViparoPhotos by Natalie

Conclusion: sturdy denim overalls, (mostly) bare feet and sunny yellow leather tops make for the best rock-navigation gear. And i sound like such a sissy but this was important given the possible '127 hours' situation we had on our hands. I was half scared i would fall and end up looking gollum-chic (or erase the 'chic') for the remainder of the shoot but also half excited at the new 'Dora the explorer' meets 'rock-climber-i-never-was' side of myself surfacing after a 16-year dormancy. And yes i would call it a dormancy instead of an absence ('it' being my inner-gollum) as it was always there but waiting for the appropriately sturdy yet large rocks to tempt a re-appearance. Since i'm starting to sound creepy (less smeagol, more gollum slash rock fetish) I'll leave it at that, but geez this was a fun shoot. More photos to come!

P.S. The winners of my Nouveau ticket giveaway are Ashley Tang (gold) and Jessica Sin (silver)! You will be contacted by email shortly. And for those of you who entered but didn't win, you can still reserve tickets through the facebook ticketing page here. Also, I'd love to meet any of you that come to the show next saturday (before and after the show, take some photobooth pictures etc.), so i hope i see you there!




Cara Delevingne for i-D magazine, Winter 2012 


I don't usually post editorials, but when i do, i post too many. Hope you guys enjoyed all the images as much as i did compiling them! I actually drafted this post a month ago and never got around to posting it, so i decided to kill two birds with one stone and post my Taiwan video diary in the same go. Enjoy!


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