It's been highly requested, so i decided to make a playlist! hope you guys like it!

 Somebody i used to know- Gotye

 No light No light- Florence + the machine

The Daily Mail- Radiohead

I want you back- Jackson 5

Girls like you- The Naked and Famous

Lust for life- Girls

I won't give up- Jason Mraz

Holiday- Vampire Weekend

Video Games- Lana Del Rey

hope you guys like 'em! if you have any recommendations for me, i love messages!


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Photos courtesy of Lisa Dengler

Recently i was contacted by the lovely Lisa (her amazing lookbook here) to be featured in the first issue of her online magazine just another fashion magazine. I think it's great that she decided to make such a fun and interactive magazine and decided you guys would appreciate it. You can download it for the iPad for free and support her, i think she's done a great job!

for more information about the magazine: http://www.justanotherfashionmagazine.com/

to download the magazine app: http://itunes.com/apps/justanotherfashionmag/

for Lisa's fashion blog, which is great (here)

happy Tuesday everyone!

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Photobucket Photobucket
wearing: dress courtesy of Beginning Boutique, jacket courtesy of Sheinside (here), shoes from ASOS.

I am so obsessed with this jacket. It fits like a glove and is super comfy, it's basically the perfect leather jacket and i just had my eye on a more expensive version from nastygal when i found this baby for less and the folks over at sheinside decided to gift me one. If you like it, check it out since they're shipping free worldwide right now! The dress is also super sweet and i love the heart-shaped cutout at the back, even though it was super cold today. I wasn't going to take pictures today because it was raining, but it stopped for a bit and i decided to brave the icky weather for the sake of blogging. I actually altered this dress a little around the ribs and bottom (a little too much at the bottom...haha) so it fits nicely now (i got a size S), in case any of you feel like ordering anything :)

anyhoo, have a great weekend everyone! tell me what you want to see in the next posts in the comments below; playlist, video, etc.


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Received this lovely package this week and found this pretty white dress (can't wait to show you all in my next outfit!) It's from the amazing australian website Beginning Boutique. This dress is sold out now, but there are so many to choose from (check out the site here). Thanks so much BB!

have a great weekend and stay tuned for an outfit next!


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i love the photos and video (by sofia coppola!) so much. i'm not usually a fan of the collaborations but this one looks like it's worth lining up for ( :


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1) urbanears headphones in 'tomato'. If i'm using a smaller bag or going to school, i use the usual apple earphones, but on weekends and when travelling i prefer these.
2) iPod touch I'm pretty sure this is 32GB, but i'm not too concerned with this. I've been using it since my iPod mini died and i can use instagram, twitter etc. so it's pretty convinient.
3) house keys/frog keychain. the keys are on a stretchy string which you pull out, so cute, right?
4) sketch book. not as heavy as my other one, but light enough to fit into bigger bags. for notes, doodles, etc.
5) purse from alphabet bags. where i stuff all my coins, cards, money, etc.
6) pencil tin from berlin (rhymes...) i got this pencil tin at a museum in Berlin, it's a pain to open and close but i think it's pretty rad. I only bring it if i have a big bag or if i'm travelling (with the sketch book).
7) Karen Walker sunglasses. these were a gift so i'm pretty sure they're knockoffs, but i like them nonetheless. Now i'm alternating between these and my asos ones.
8) my phone, the NOKIA c7. not the greatest phone, but i don't really use my phone so i don't mind. It used to belong to my dad's friend, but my old phone died so i use this one now.
9) Maybelline Babylips lip balm in 'energizing orange'. pretty self-explanatory, it's cheap and works so i use it.
10) colgate wisps. they're mini toothbrushes with built-in toothpaste (apparently there isn't any need for water or rinsing) but i carry these in my bag since i like to be prepared (i carry bandages with me EVERYWHERE). and they're great for travelling, too!

anyways, i hope you guys enjoyed looking at what's in my bag. right now i'm either using my alphabet bags tote (Z initial) or my studded leather bag.
happy monday!


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wearing: vest- my moms, sweater from shanghai, DIY collar, H&M leggings/pants, clutch c/o American Apparel, shoes- my mom, watch- casio via. asos.com

Since i've been wearing a lot of the same things in my recent outfit posts, i decided to try something different with my mom's vest. Though i'm not usually into faux fur (and definitely not real fur), i decided to experiment and i like the result, even though it isn't something i wouldn't usually wear and it makes me look a lot more mature. I made this collar a few days ago but i'm not going to make a tutorial just yet since it's still a prototype and i need to make a few changes. I've also been into stacking bracelets with my watch, which adds a lot of nice color to any outfit. 

anyways, have a great weekend and stay tuned for 'what's in my bag'!

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both clutch and disco pants c/o American Apparel (here and here)

In love with these two items which came in the mail the other day along with some other lovely things (which you guys will see super soon!) the pants are so comfy and the pouch is perfect for days when i need basics, like my phone, ipod etc. I just had a nice dinner after running for a while, the weather is super gross right now but i hope it gets better so i can shoot some photos tomorrow!

happy thursday!

p.s. posting an outfit post next, followed with the 'what's in my bag' post afterwards. perfect timing!

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OK, I lied, it's around 2 weeks (haha).

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photos by me.

So happy right now since the Personal Project is finally over! i can finally (kinda) relax now after 8 months or so of stress!
i wish it was the weekend so i could doodle and paint all day. 
Happy tuesday everyone!

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wearing: cargo jacket courtesy of Sugarlips Apparel (here), top from Topshop, skirt from Urban Outfitters, tights from H&M, shoes from ASOS. 

Hi everyone! I know this is a boring outfit, but i wanted to bust out my "valentines" tights into an outfit just to wish you all a nice valentines day. It doesn't matter if you're planning a romantic date or a night of TV dramas with hot cheetos to celebrate the end of the Personal Project, I hope you guys enjoy yourselves! I know this post has less photos than usual, but i'm trying to cut down this month since i'm almost over my monthly limit on flickr and it's only the 13th! I've got a few exciting new projects, so i can't wait to show you all very soon!

stay tuned for my next post, where i will show you guys 'what's in my bag', which has been requested so often recently!


p.s. yay for all of my fellow year 11's for finishing our PP's!!

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Photo on 2012-02-11 at 15.14
Photo on 2012-02-11 at 15.18
sunglasses and watch from ASOS, sweater from Shanghai.

My stuff from ASOS arrived! so happy right now. I really liked the chunkier version of this watch as well, but i thought this one was daintier and my sister said it was more "me" (haha). The sunglasses are so huge, i look like a fly (i love it).

outfit post soon! already taken pictures but i want to post them right before valentines day since it's v-day themed (i bet you guys who have been following me for a while know what tights i'm wearing!)

have a great weekend guys!!

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collage by me, photos from tumblr. 

I'm so excited for spring/summer so that i can get an excuse to wear more of these loud, funky prints. palm trees, geometric shapes, bold florals...probably going to be my favorite trend later this year!

posting an outfit post soon...on valentines day! can you guess which 'valentines' accessory i'm wearing?


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IMG_6871 IMG_6878

above, left to right: japanese AQUAIR conditioner, Nature's Gate organic shampoo, Bliss soap bar, Honey Miel body wash, St. Ives face scrub.

above, left to right: AVEDA smooth infusion hair serum, Kiehls yerba mate tea gel-cream, bliss body butter, japanese skin conditioner (toner, applied with cotton pad), kiehls yerba mate tea cleanser.

[pretty much the only makeup i ever use] above, left to right: Too Faced romantic eye palette (a gift), shu uemura eyelash curler, cyber color eyeliner, stila lip stain and Bare Escentuals BUXOM mascara (both from NYC), mac concealer, shu uemura sunblock spf 30.


Since you guys really wanted to see my everyday products etc., i decided to put it all into a post; a kinda 'what's in my shower' meets 'beauty products'.

In terms of the shower and face wash stuff, I've been using this stuff for a while so i guess it does the job. Most of the products were purchased by my mom, so i'm not really fussy with what formulas and brands i use, as long as i feel clean. I use the AVEDA hair serum when i need to tame my ends, and the toner just gives me the nice 'squeeky clean' feeling since i keep it in the fridge (it feels so nice!)

The makeup in the last two photos is pretty much all of the makeup i own, other than a few bits my mom gave to me that i keep in my bag for halloween, etc. To be honest, the only things in the photos that i actually use when going to school and on an everyday basis are the mac concealer (for blemishes and dark circles), the eyelash curler (without mascara) and the sunblock (since my mom always tells me to use it). The other items are purely for fun, though i do use mascara and the lipstain for  special occasions, the only color on the eye shadow palette i've ever used is 'soulmates' (top row, left).  The palette also has these cool cards that slide out and show you how to use the colors, super convenient, though when ever anyone has ever attempted to put eye shadow on me anywhere other than my inner corners (where i would usually put the 'soulmates' color), i end up looking like i have a black eye (hehe). And my eyebrows pretty much have minds of their own, so i try not to bother them and let them live in peace (no gel, powder, trimming etc. ) Overall, i think i'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to this stuff.

hope you guys had a great weekend! i'm gonna post my 'what's in my bag' post soon, so stay tuned!

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WEARING: second hand sweater (see last post), H&M kids pants, denim shirt from Bangkok, vintage sunglasses, shoes from my mom. nail polish: raison rage by revlon.

I am in love with these leggings or pants, or whatever they are. They are so comfy and flattering, and hit my ankles at just the right spot. They even remind me a little of AA riding pants with the high waist. My mom got them for me (in the kids section of H&M, they have great stuff) and i used to hate legging-ish things like these since i thought they would be really unflattering, but i love these so you all should go get yourself a pair! (i'm wearing children's size 13/14, an adult size xs/s roughly)

I also love this sweater which i got at my favorite 2nd hand store (see previous post), and together with the pants they make the best oversized/fitted combo. Out of the best fashion items in winter, i love tights, coats, and beanies, but sweaters are the best!

I'm going to the "world of wearable art" show tomorrow with school (for the second time) and i'll share some photos soon! have a great weekend everyone ( :

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doodles: recent purchases//

doodles by me.

Decided to doodle two things i ordered from asos.com today. I'm so excited for them to arrive so i can include them in an outfit post!

the sunglasses: here
the watch: here

tell me if you guys like these kind of posts; i'm trying to post more creative things! I didn't have a scanner, so i had to take a picture with my camera ( : I haven't ordered anything online for a while, and i've been buying less lately because of affiliates, but i decided to let myself cheat this time!




This has probably been one of my most requested posts; to introduce the 2nd hand store where i got my sweaters (here and here). That's why i decided to bring my camera along when i went to the shop last weekend with my family. This shop is probably one of the only second hand stores in HK i know (if you anymore, send me a message!) and it is the best place for oversized sweaters (like the stars and stripes one i bought) and coats, for a good price. It can be a hit and miss, but it's filled with stuff so i'm sure you can find something for yourself, even if it's a men's shirt you're gonna cut the collar off or something. The shop looks like the photo, and it's situated on Granville Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, which is a pretty busy street so it shouldn't be hard to find. i ended up buying the stars and stripes sweater, so excited to post an outfit featuring it!

Then, i decided to snap some pictures of a little arcade which i get a lot of my stuff (even though i didn't get anything this time). It's around the corner from the second hand shop (wander around the area and you're sure to find it around some outlet and ramen shops). It's filled with loads of tiny stores which have great, unique pieces (despite the fact that it looks pretty empty in my photos, it was quite crowded when i went.)

There are also tons of korean restaurants nearby, where i visited after shopping for a nice korean grill dinner (my favorite!). 

Hope you guys like this "shop with me" style post. I know a few of you have waited for a long time, so i apologize! Anyway, this is usually where i get my clothes from (excluding places like H&M and ZARA), so you all should check it out!