tribute to a blogger




Hey guys!
i just thought this would be a nice tribute to one of my favorite bloggers, ebba zingmark (this is usually her editing style on lookbook and her blog) i just this she's an amazing blogger and that you guys should really check out her blog!
vintage suitcase, ASOS heels, H&M tights, tee shirt from taiwan, cardigan from a random boutique, bowler hat from london


i'd pay to see you frown





Hey guys!
just a super simple outfit i took a few days ago :) i took 3 outfit posts yesterday so i will post them all up pretty soon :) It's finally warming up here in HK even though it can get pretty unpredictable! so how are you all? have a great week and i hope you guys will comment so i can see what my lovely readers are up to :)
tights from taipei, shoes from ASOS, shirt from H&M, belt came with shorts from ASOS, pleated skirt made by my moms friend


aviator + dots





hey guys!
i just took these photos today and decided to post them because i feel like i haven't posted me wearing a dress in like....forever! most of the time i do tend to wear shorts, jeans, or skirts (even though i don't tend to wear jeans on this blog either) so here is my "dress" look :) people from the building next to mine were washing dishes and watching me while i was taking photos.....i hate it when people do that! but anyways, how are you all? i think it's such a shame that so few of you leave comments on this blog because i love hearing from you guys!
tights- H&M
dress- H&M
shoes- agnes b.
jacket- random boutique



1.separate your hair into two sections, use an elastic to tie one section so you don't get messed up

2.braid a section up your head, making sure your hands are above your ears the whole time. braid as tight as possible.

3.tie with a thin hair elastic and pin with a bobby pin

4. braid and fasten the other side

5. you're done!

i hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial :) just comment if you have any questions! it's easier than it looks, isn't it? :)


a late valentine


hey guys!
i got this knit before chinese new year but i wanted to show you guys with the tights, aren't they adorable? :) I've started shooting with a tripod now and its a bit tedious but its a lot easier getting the right angles and stuff :) i'm posting the braided hair tutorial after this, so stay tuned!
knit- random boutique in TST
tights- H&M
shorts- ASOS
oxfords- agnes b.
p.s. if you guys are interested enter this giveaway from a fellow blogger to win a vintage chanel purse :)


VIDEO!!! (me talking + my room)

sorry about the audio, i know it's pretty quiet :) i hope you guys enjoyed this video!
p.s. i don't have 100 pairs of leggings :)


you're home free at last







hi guys! This outfit post took ages to take but here it is for you all :) sorry about my lack of posts for the last week, i was sick but now i'm much better! I've heard terrible news today about the earthquakes in Japan, my heart goes out to all of you who have been affected by it and i hope everyone's safe and sound!
polka dot knit- H&M
floral leggings- random boutique
boots- doc martens
denim jacket- my dad's old one which doesn't fit me well but i just like to sling it over my shoulder :)
p.s. sorry about the super blurryness- i was using a tripod :)
hope everyone's OK and have a good, safe weekend!!




hey guys! here are some of your questions answered :) i have a bad cold right now and not at school (hehe) so here you go!

do you study in an international school? yes i do :)

can you give me your msn/skype? sorry but i don't really use my accounts much and it's sort of a safety issue! you guys are free to message me on gmail though! (fashiononymous@gmail.com)

what languages do you speak? english, chinese, cantonese, and pig latin :)

how much do you weigh and how tall are you? i weigh 100 pounds and i am currently 5'7

do you have a chinese name? yes, it is 素兒 :)

where did you get your Z necklace? I got it when i was 10, it was a gift from my parents for my "first double digit birthday". It is from Links of London

do you wear makeup? not really, only on special occasions. when i do, its only mascara or eyeliner, no face stuff. if you guys are interested in knowing more, i would love to write a post about the products i use, just leave a message and let me know!

can you take some videos and introduce yourself? i would love to, but right now i have a cold so when i recover i'll do it when i have sometime!

can you take some pictures of your house/room? I would love to take some pictures of my room when its less messy and when i have more time!

where do you live? Hong Kong!

How old are you? 14 :)

do you have any pets? yes i have a golden retriever :) he's adorable! i'll introduce him to you guys int he future :)

what are your spring/summer fashion picks?
I love the floppy hat trend even though i can't find one thats large enough for my head at H&M haha. I don't think i would look good in the maxi trend, but i am in love with pleats and knee-length skirts (remember the pleater skirt post?) I also love the block-heeled sandals and i really want a pair of hippie sunglasses (the john-lennon type)!

where do you go to travel? i go to taipei a lot, this easter i'm heading to eastern europe (prague, krakow and berlin) for a history trip, then to new york and taipei in the summer. I will include photos and post them here of course! i'm really excited, so if you guys have any cool places to shop in NYC, please leave me some messages!!

where do you go shopping in HK? where are some good places to shop?
I love H&M (i just went there today with my mom heh), zara, and all the usual stores. I love raiding my mother (and father's) closets. Hong Kong has many small boutiques that have little treasures for a bargain so i always take a look!

can you do hair tutorials on the milkmaid braid and curly hair? yes i will very soon!

do all the celebrities in HK have plastic surgery? umm i don't really know why you would ask me this since i don't know any celebrities personally! and the tabloids can say anything sometimes, right? :)

introduce us to your family! i have a sister, a mom, dad and doggy. i have 2 grandmas who i love so much. that is pretty much it other than cousins and aunts, uncles etc.

what career do you want to pursue in the future? I definitely aim for something in the art or fashion industry. I'm interested in Art history, but fashion is my main obsession. I've always thought being a curator would be a lot of fun :)

would you recommend buying a DSLR in Hong Kong? I can't really give advice on this since i did buy mine in HK long ago and haven't searched other prices since i haven't been trying to find a new model, but I guess HK prices are pretty average!

if you guys have any more questions i would be happy to do a part 2! stay tuned for an outfit post when i recover from this cold!



hey everyone!
I'm holding a Q&A soon on the blog since my formspring's been filling up, so post any questions in the comments below/formspring me!! you can include any amount of questions in the comments and i'll try to answer all of them! I'm eating nutella out of the jar right now with a chopstick.....yeah this is what i call an eventful saturday night! ;) have an amazing weekend guys!! let the questions flow in!


random inspiration post

images by jak and jil from proenza schouler backstage. so amazing!



hey guys i've finally reached 100! (goal- 500!) :) thanks so much for supporting me!!! i will be posting an outfit post soon :)