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kimono- DIY, tank top- zucca, nail polish- sally hansen extreme wear color (lacy lilac)

Hi everyone! i tried to answer all the questions from the comments on my last post, formspring, and emails :) enjoy!

What is your height?
I'm around 5 ft 7 inches :)

how much do you weigh?
approx 100 pounds, more or less

can you introduce your family members pls? xx <3
i would but they're a bit shy and don't want to be on the blog haha :) so i'll just give them their privacy! same for the question about the home video tour, sorry :)

How old are you?

hm what do you look for in a partner? are you in a relationship right now? what is your favourite colour? what kinda music are you into?

I'm single but I guess i just want a guy who i can talk to a lot, with a good appetite (like me!), a kind personality, and is funny with a good sense of humour. It helps if he likes taking photos since using a tripod is so troublesome sometimes! plus, my sister is too lazy to help me most of the time :) my favorite color right now is lilac (light purple) it's too pretty!

in terms of music, i love ellie goulding, maroon 5, the temper trap, hall & oates, adele and she & him. i also love some popular artists such as taylor swift!

right now, songs i can't stop listening to:

love how it hurts- scouting for girls

skinny love- birdy

your song- ellie goulding

Something good can work- Two Door cinema club

Do you get requests from boys and admirers? sorry my english is not good.. xx

your english is totally fine! :) and actually, no! I don't get many of those even though if i did i would have no clue what i would do.

have you ever been in a romantic relationship? <3

never! maybe the right guy hasn't come along yet haha!

do you diet?

no :) i think that food is lovely and life is too short to care about size and things like that!

Hi dear <3 are you a professional model?

I'm so flattered but no, i don't think i could be since i'm already awkward enough posing for my sister when she helps me take pictures, nevermind someone i'm not familiar with!

how much / what do you eat a day?

for breakfast i have yoghurt, some juice, some toast or noodles if i'm hungry with some fruits. for lunch i have fried rice or some form of noodle with vegetables (i love fruits and veggies!). dinner is usually rice or something delicious made by my mom :) then if i'm hungry i have an ice cream or yoghurt, and during the day i have a snack if i'm starving. I try but i don't eat healthy at all! just make up for the unhealthy stuff with fruits and vegetables :)

favorite food?
such a hard question! either sushi, pasta, pizza, eggs, burgers or thai food. i also love taiwan food, its amazing! for fruits i love strawberries and grapes :) for snacks i like cookies with raisins and almonds and healthy stuff and some chocolate chips. once a yoga teacher brought some in for me to try after the class and now i'm hooked :)

can u make a post introducing some of ur pajamas or clothes that u wear at home?xoxo
i basically wear t shirts and sweats, nothing special :) i'm sure you don't want to see me in a mess like i am! but if you guys insist i'll do a video or something sometime :)

Your english is really good for a hong-konger. have you ever studied outside of Hong Kong before?
thanks! nope, lived in HK for all my life :) i go to an international school, which is why i don't have an accent!

can u introduce your school bag or backpacks? also involve what stationary do u use?
i use a kipling backpack, nothing super fancy or fashion forward :) i've wanted a cambridge satchel for ages, so i'm saving up all my money :) for stationary, i guess just usual pens?

Do you dye your hair? do you do anything to it?

nope, just shampoo, condition, blowdry, nothing too fussy :)

Who takes your photos? :D

my sister when she's feeling nice (haha) and mostly using a tripod and self timer!

What camera and lens do you use?

i use the canon 400D, with a 72mm zoom lens :)

what inspired you to make a blog, take pictures, etc, etc?

other bloggers and people on lookbook. my friend and i just thought it would be fun so we made one right away!

which countries have you travelled so far / would you like to travel?(:which one did you like best?(:

i've been to japan, germany, china, korea, australia, america, the czech republic, france, poland and england :) i think by far, new york is my favorite city in the world. i would love to visit africa and peru someday!

where do you usually buy your clothes/ what brands do you like?

how much do you spend on buying clothes each month?

i just go to the usual shops like H&M and zara, as well as local boutiques. i love shopping online (even though i don't do it often) and i like adding stuff to my "shopping bag" and pretending that i bought it (haha)). For online shopping i visit asos.com.

i don't spend much on average on clothes, i buy most of my clothes in cheap stores, sales or vacation. my favorite is when people give me gift vouchers which i can spend on anything i like.

Do you enjoy reading? what are you reading if yes?

yes, i love it! I just re-read pride and prejudice by Jane Austen and am currently reading Sense and Sensibility. I also have a weakness for magazines like lula, teen vogue and NYLON (US and Japan, of course!), but who doesn't?

what photo editor do you use?

photoshop cs3 extended!

how do you get features in magazines and blogs?

just work hard on your blog, express your personal style and sooner or later someone will notice your blog :)

are you full chinese?

yes, i'm full chinese!

how do you recommend exercising for fitness? like losing weight to look like those models? xoxox

i think the best way to look good is to have confidence, but if you insist on losing weight, just do a sport you enjoy doing and eat healthy! Of course, not everyone can look as skinny as a runway model, but the most important thing is being healthy.


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  1. You are a very funny, pretty girl!
    Pride and prejudice is one of my favorite novel!
    I have beginning to read Sense and Sensibility, but I didn't finish :/.
    "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Brontë is very fantastic too!
    You have traveled a lot! Africa is very a fabulous continent, it's a shame that people have a bad picture of this continent!
    Oh you have visited france? Where?I'm a french girl!( I know my english is very bad!)
    Your blog is very cool!


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