hi guys :)

Photo on 2011-02-09 at 19.59
hi everyone! sorry i haven't posted since last week, but there will be a post up soon since my dad has the camera so i will import the pics as soon as possible! bought some things recently which i will show you guys as well!
i've noticed i've been doing the "thumbs up" thing a lot lately....i can do a lot of weird freaky things with my thumb which my friends see all the time (like a circus act!) but it's a little freaky and i'm sure you guys don't want to know :)
i'm eating some oranges and green grapes (yum) now and i'm super bored even though i should be studying for a math semester exam! ughhhhh but whatever i enjoy talking to myself you guys :) anyways, have a nice week, a good outfit post will be up soon!
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  1. Such a cute photo :) Most photos people have of me are of me doing a thumbs up, haha. It's my default picture-position!

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  3. your blog is inspiring!:)♥


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