Little Miss Sunshine

Our first full London edit...photographed by Bryant and styled by the both of us. No matter how many times i shoot, i'm never as comfortable in front of the camera as i am with friends, even when (albeit, collectively) geographically displaced. For this shoot we wanted to try something different, cool (all meaningless words used to the extent of nullification), or at least capture our little home-spirit in the streets of Hackney. Think kebab shops, brick walls, chilly parking lots and the back doors of Chinese supermarkets, meets an amalgamation of all of our styling habits- coats and givenchy a la Bry, messy hair and textures for me and the occasional toga-parka amazingness thanks to Nathan. There are way more photos than the ones i'm posting here but you will find more of them on Bryants account later on, as well as a special feature-to-be in First Love by our friend Denise. Links will be twitterred and extras will be instagrammed so stay tuned! For outfit details see the credits at the end. 
what i'm wearing: outfit one ( coat, skirt, shoes), outfit two ( top, skirt, boots ), outfit three ( jumper, shirt, similar culottes, boots ), outfit four ( skirt, similar top, cardigan, shoes, bralette ). All photos by Bryant Lee. 




Justified an ice cream (see below for carcass) as taking advantage of 'warmer weather'...punctuation is instrumental. Also have been feeling hatty recently, and for all the right reasons- London is the home of beautiful hat stores and their expensive price tags. Hence lucky me for finding this black baby for 10 pounds, even if it is a few (many) sizes too big. Probably the 700th time you've seen a shoot of me eating ice cream...no regrets. 

wearing: top from Aland, bag from Kara, hat from Portobello rd, watch from Daniel Wellington, jeans from Asos, sandals from Birkenstock. Photos by Stephanie Huang



Shades of grey

I'm still alive! And apparently wearing a lot of grey. Would say this is what gloomy weather does to you but it is not gloomy (further evidence that the apocalypse is in fact upon us). These photos were taken by Nat and Bryant pre-sushi so you can see I am very excited (also because grey is such an exhilarating colour to cloak yourself in head-to-ankle). These photos also illustrate my age-old battle with baby-hairs -if you were going to ask (don't), no, i am not balding- so excuse the hair and focus on the unbelievable scarcity of saturation in this outfit, because that never happens (ha). Law school is tiring and has worsened my reliance on caffeine but i don't think that's anything out of the ordinary,  but now i can occasionally not get lost in this extremely confusing city, which is occasionally nice because every single street of soho resembles the one before it and now i'm hungry again so i will make some noodles. 

Wearing Objects Without Meaning coat, Topshop sweater, Monki pants, Asos sandals. Photos by Natalie Chyi and Bryant Lee.



Tri-color LFW

As you will probably deduce from the photos below, i don't wear much colour, but when i do it's 150% going to be one, or multiple tones of, blue. No matter how much effort I put into saturating my outfits I always seem to fall back into this spectrum of monochrome with a side of denim (midnight blue/navy only if necessary and in mesh). Hence my glee upon seeing Charlie May's latest collection (see below) as the girl knows a thing or two about fresh colours and minimal cuts. The two outfits are equally (or competitively) weather-confused...hence the waist-tied shirts and winter coat + sandals combo, perfect for rushing around Central London with Steph, my partner/photo-snapper in crime. My first LFW was short and sweet as i had to juggle Somerset-bound tea breaks with moving into my university residence. Now that both are over, I am happily settled in, well-stocked fridge-wise and excited for next season. Which of the two outfits do you guys prefer? 

Wearing: Asos top and sandals, UO jeans, Olive denim shirt, Kara Backpack. 

Wearing: The Fifth denim shirt over Initial denim dress, Zara Jacket, AA shoes. All photos by Steph