5 Recent Outfits

This is an accumulation of five outfits i've worn in the past months, eagerly showcasing my laziness and also an innate inability to wear any colours outside of white, black and blue. I'm in London and already in love...needless to say i've already taken my fair share of photos and can't wait to share them, but in doing so wanted to post all of the photos below so as to a) give a quick insight into how i dress IRL and not just for shoots, and b) concentrate my blog post queue into a single post so i can begin posting London photos! Win win, no? 

Top from The Fifth, Choker from Pylo, jeans from Missguided, watch from DW. Photos by Bryant.
Top from Pylo, backpack from Karastore, photos by Bryant. 
Top and Skirt (on sale!) from Finders Keepers, photos by Bryant.
Top and pants from Monki, shoes from Sambag, bag from Karastore, photos by Bryant.
Sunglasses from Seneca, top from AA, pants from Monki, photos by Cheryl. 



Seoul Video Diary + Giveaway

Finally, post incessant music choice dilemmas and nostalgia-inducing replays, here's my short but sweet Seoul video diary. Missing barbecue beef, red-bean ice, our korean pals at 7-11 and my goofy friends terribly. You can see the grainier, un-moving film photo version of our trip here. Oh, and you can also win a beautiful necklace if you scroll down a bit. I'm getting ready for my London move (a week left!) so excuse the absence, you can see a bit more of me on instagram but only if you'd like to.

Also, here's a little giveaway for you guys! One winner will receive the necklace below from Bunny Be Cool. Good luck! x

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At Home with The Fifth

Because these photos were taken in 1998, but not really (I had just accidentally pressed on the date presets on my camera). And also because I have never done a shoot in a bathtub - if you haven't noticed already, I am not Cara Delevingne, let alone Ms. Moss) - or next to a bowl of broccoli in Cheryl's kitchen. But mostly because these clothing pieces from Aussie label The Fifth are all I wear these days, and shoots are best done at best friends' houses before uni-farewell sleepovers. And I don't know about you guys but sleepovers for us are a KFC greased, laugh-filled affair, and though i opted for pyjamas over timberlands, it was nice to play dress-up before everyone else started to arrive. 

Wearing The Fifth: Leopard print dress, Safe & Sound denim shirt and skirt, Striped T-Dress. Timberland boots, Casio Watch, On Pedder loafers. 

Photos by Cheryl Chow on my Olympus 105R film camera with 35mm ISO 400 film. 



Seoul Film Photo Diary

Warning: major jpeg diarrhoea ahead. During the last days of July, i spent 5 days in Seoul with some of my closest friends. Below are photos Cheryl and i managed to snap with our film cameras amidst Seoul's curiously photogenic streets, but i'm still holding onto the moments that, albeit were less photogenic but equally as memorable. Think midnight 7-11 runs in hotel slippers, hungry mosquito-accompanied hikes down from the N Seoul Tower, 1am fried chicken calls, accidental highway expeditions, and makgeolli...lots of it. I'll post a short video diary at the end of the week for you guys as well, but in the meantime enjoy some stills, and for more Seoul snaps you can check out my instagram. Thanks to everyone who sent me recommendations before and during our trip, you all helped me fall in love with the city and i'm sure i'll be back very soon. 

Dress from initial, vans, watch by Daniel Wellington.
Top from Hongdae, shorts from Topshop, sandals by Sam Edelman. 
Photos by me and Cheryl Chow, on an Olympus Superzoom 105R point and shoot camera with Kodak 35mm film. 

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