Took these photos on my film camera because a)  My sister was packing the DSLR away for her trip to the UK b) I was too lazy. Like everyone and their mother i'm quite liking the matchy-set thing, which aside from the print also allows me to dress moderately lady-like without giving much thought or effort. In other words, I've discovered that my personal endeavours commonly orbit around my desire to be very lazy- picture the solar system with laziness as a very big, very hot Sun. At the beginning of the week my dad made me go to the gym with him (hold on, it gets better) and after two days of running and pulling on metal stuff, my legs have turned to jelly and I now walk with the speed of a grandma at leisure. Might go back (might not) but i think it's time for a lifelong hiatus. And the braids= intense third grade flashbacks and alien vibes in a good way, for me anyway.

Wearing: matching set c/o AKA clothing, photos by Cheryl and Steph.



Playlist- Happy July!

July is always a special month (and that's partially due to but not consumed by the fact that I am turning 18 the day after tomorrow and the prospect of looming adulthood gives me cramps). Late enough in the summer spectrum to actually feel like it, and early enough to allow ignorance regarding a return to our individual educational institutions in the fall. A time for travelling, beer, ice cream and air-con hopping- speaking of which, I will be visiting Seoul at the end of the month which is very exciting. Hope you enjoy the hour-long compilation of tunes and I'll talk to you soon, most likely after I can no longer call myself a (technical terms needed) kid.

Days with you- Snakehips
I'll try anything once- The Strokes
I got u- Duke Dumont
Drowning- Banks
Float- Pacific Air (RAC mix)
Pretty girls- Little Dragon
Reflections- Mister Wives
Papi Pacify- FKA twigs (Christian Dinamarca edit)
Habits (Stay high)- Tove Lo
Lost- Frank Ocean
Fall in love- Phantogram
Eyes, Nose, Lips- Tablo cover
Campo- Toro Y Moi
Ignition- R. Kelly (Giraffage remix)



June Film Photo Diary

I bought a film point and shoot camera at the beginning of the month and here are a few shots from my first roll of film. I'm quite the film photography novice so excuse the frequent out-of-focus shots and such. My camera is starting to grow on me as I can't bear lugging my DSLR around in this heat. Hope you like the photos! Shot on an Olympus superzoom 105R with Fujifilm ISO 100 film. 



I'm back!

Honey I'm home! Currently resisting every urge to scratch my 43 (and counting) mosquito bites, courtesy of Thailand, and also the urge to look through my phone gallery and fall back into a bout of Graduation trip withdrawals. The past months have been a blur, and i can now safely say i am settled in summer mode, a mode that is for yours truly defined by wonky sleep schedules (because you have to watch the new Game of Thrones episode regardless of having just hopped off a plane), a full second skin of sweat every time one steps out of the embrace of air conditioning, and the bittersweet explorations of my very very humid home knowing that in less than three months my butt will be on a plane, arriving in Heathrow Airport- a new climate and a new home. Sentimentalities aside, i've missed sharing tidbits of my not-as-eventful-as-it-seems life, and that resumes as of now. This outfit was inspired by my funky new headphones thanks to H&M's new H&M Loves Music campaign- you can win your own and mix songs on their site here. Oh, and i bought a new film camera and will share photos from my grad trip very soon!! 

I'm wearing a KARA store backpack, marketHQ crop top, Asos leather skirt, Sam Edelman sandals c/o Lane Crawford and H&M x Skullcandy headphones. Photos and editing by Bryant Lee