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Taken on what was definitely the coldest day in London since I've arrived, in front of what locals and tourists alike deem the ugliest building in London. Called for this very insulating hug of a coat and probably not eating lunch outdoors, though that's what we decided to do. I could probably hide 8 packs of chips under this coat and no one would realise. As a side note, I've had a revelation (but not really) that the longer I've blogged, the less thought I've given to the aesthetics of an outfit and more into its comfort/practicality. At first glance this statement somewhat resembles a boast but what I'm really trying to say is that I've worn the same black skinny jeans for the past week and a half- no one's confronted me yet so I'll take it as a sign to keep the streak going. 

Photos by Bryant Lee. Wearing &otherstories PARKA, Jcrew JUMPER, Asos JEANS, Kara BAG and CONVERSES. 



Paris in film

Some cheeky shots taken from our Airbnb abode last weekend in Paris....i'm only beginning to appreciate the web of destinations surrounding London and my mind is already full of places i want to visit next. Our place was such a dream- a token parisian flat that would make every instagrammer snap-crazy and conveniently situated in a neighbourhood with coffee, baguettes, kebabs and a parisian drugstore (!!!) on every corner. You'll see more of it in upcoming posts, but for now here were some of my favourite moments during our short stay...lazy mornings in with magazines,  and pre-halloween nighs out- fake blood and all. 

P.S. if you're intrigued, click here to receive credit for your first Airbnb booking...have fun finding your second home! 

Photos taken on an olympus super zoom 105R with 35mm 400ISO kodak film.



Daily Grind

Another day, another empty food prop (only because an impromptu photo shoot is all the more reason to finish all of your coffee within the first 5 frames.) Am thinking of doing a few features on coffee places i like here...a benefit of finding your soul sister in Stephanie is the incessant supply of caffeine facilitated through her growing list of cute coffee spots from London to NY. And yes, that means for at least a few shots below i was actually drinking my coffee. Another perk is that she can figure out the trickiest of cameras...see below for the first real post shot on my Fujifilm x-pro 1, which i am still playing with (the compactness of it is a little unsettling for someone used to the bulk of a DSLR). Also...about these pants- best 10 pounds i ever spent would be an exaggeration for i'll stick with it for now until i think of a better compliment.

Tomorrow night i'll be on my way to a weekend trip in Paris...excited for my first european excursion and snaps/video are in order. Holla at me with any recommendations or good places to get lost. 
i'm wearing a: American Apparel cowl neck sweater, vintage trousers, Grafea backpack, Missguided  shoes. Photos by Stephanie Huang.



Awkward Lengths

I constantly find myself wearing things that i have previously condemned- see Birkenstocks (the denunciation stage came after the brand became my mum's preferred choice of footwear for my feet between the ages of 6 and 10, hence subsequent years of Boston Clog phobia *shudders*). Case in point- culottes, which have apparently become the latest pinnacle of fashion (add a slurred 'darrrrrling' for extra effect) alongside over-frayed denim and other trends my grandmother would righteously claim she wore first (and probably better). But then again it isn't too hard to succumb to the comfort, ventilation and quirk that comes with the love-child of bermuda shorts and palazzo pants. In fact, traipsing around the Southbank with old school friends before our second Korean dinner in two days was probably the most fun i'd had in a while after a busy week of not-reading and not-being a proactive law student. But then legally, an omission or failure to act still has consequences in their own right and therefore I've still been doing something??? Excuse me whilst i convince myself so and refrain from punching me in the face if you ever studied law.

Also, i'm planning some exciting tweaks to this space...aesthetically and content-wise. Thinking of doing more lifestyle posts- what would you like to see more of? Film photos? Food photos? Holla at me in the comments and i'll note 'em down. 
I'm wearing: American Apparel Fisherman jumper, Asos culottes, Asos loafers, Kara bag. Photos by Bryant Lee

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