Tunnel Vision- update

Wearing: dress from asos. Photos by Natalie Chyi

I owe you guys a big update! I know i haven't been posting regularly on any of my social platforms lately these two weeks, and i feel pretty crappy about it. After thinking about it for a while i've decided to take a short break from posting on this blog for a while- 'a while' meaning until my final exams are over on May 15th. I hope you guys understand and i wish all you other IB kids out there the best of luck with finals! In the mean time i'll still be posting as much as possible on my instagram and tumblr, so look out for updates there. Love you all and i'll see you very soon- hopefully this break will also give me some time to refresh my creative juices and i'll be back with new ideas to share with you!



I'm Aquarius

Spring needs to start in Hong Kong- am i'm talking about picnic weather, not the humid air-mop* we're experiencing this week- so i can encourage myself to exit this monochromatic outfit rut i'm experiencing. I don't picnic often but if the weather gets better i most certainly will (headline: my vow to picnic) and you should take my word for it. Also, i've realised the hard way that I now stand at a height that makes wearing asian-sized dresses borderline indecent, but this dress is too good to pass up (and it's a turtleneck...which makes up for its length- or lack thereof- right?) Another realisation is that my posts are basically me begging for agreement and validation of my awkward theories...let's pretend that's healthy shall we? (and again.) Alongside referencing my new favourite Metronomy song, this post pays tribute to my new cautious yet invested interest in horoscopes (thanks Steph). It's like consciously yet accidentally falling into a black hole of  saying, "oh, that's so you/me" whilst looking at online zodiac profiles. Do you guys believe in that stuff? Should I? Am i really going to acquire a new piece of property on the 23rd and have an have a fight over who gets the last piece of food tomorrow? The latter is probably 100% set in stone.

*air-mop: humidity that descends upon one in a mop-like manner

wearing: dress and jacket c/o ArCloset, boots c/o Missguided, sunglasses from Quay via. Asos, bag from H&M. 
Photos by Natalie Chyi



Wear the Pants / Monki Giveaway

For this post, i styled a pair of black trousers by Monki 4 ways- attempted to do the whole 'day to night/work and play' thing but neglected it when i realized i never have an occasion for any of my outfits- there's a probability i can take off an accessory or outerwear piece and sleep in the outfit if need be. Prepping you for the below jpeg diarrhoea, we found this amazing spot next to the harbour, which was grey and windy to the perfect extent for a good shoot. Despite it being mind-numbingly cold and windy, Natalie, Bryant and I had fun as per usual. These pants are great- comfortable, super high waisted and i'm giving away two pairs! Check out the four patterns below and enter the giveaway, you can choose whichever print you like the most! Good luck, and thanks to the lovely people at Monki for inviting me to participate in this project!

wearing: pink jumper, black pants, white jacket all c/o Monki, blue coat and bw jacket c/o Choies.com, bw crop top c/o American Apparel, bw daisy top, black fedora and boots c/o Missguided, coke tee from Forever21, check jacket c/o Asos. Photos by Natalie Chyi

Two of you will win your favourite Monki pants in the following prints:




And exams are done! Until the next round at least. Just got home after the longest day of shooting something special on film and can't wait to show you. And tomorrow, a full day of photo shooting awaits so i'm going to make this quick as i'm about to pass out. This hat is all kinds of wonderful in a form condensed into headwear...perfect mix of floppy and wide-brimmed...plus that color. And i know you guys have seen the dress but it was too perfect for the accessories to not shoot again. Moving on to the main event, i'm giving away this MISCHA box bag below, so round up those entries and good luck! *exhales*

wearing: dress c/o Asos, bag c/o Mischa, watch c/o Daniel Wellington, hat c/o Lack of Color. Photos by Josephine.